In 2022 The Most Promising People On Social Media

1. Maeva Giani Marshall

Maeva Giani Marshall is one of the famous French-American models who is known for her unique, freckled looks. Although her freckled face is somewhat really beautiful, it is some of the results of tough circumstances. Freckles are always present on her face, but suddenly everything became changed when at the age of 20 she had a stroke. Her illness medicine caused a severe allergic reaction. As a result, her face suffered from another effect of second-degree burns.

2. Tsunaina

Tsunaina is a beautiful angel from being called a Cat lookalike to a reminiscent of Avatar’s Navi, that can hypnotize you with her looks. She is basically from Hong Kong, Kowloon. And now guess who discovered her? Well, legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath first found her, and now for big names such as Christian Dior, ASAI, Harpers Bazaar, and King Kong magazine she has appeared in campaigns.

3. Paola Antonini

Paola Antonini France Costa is blessed with attractive looks and a charming personality. Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and in 2014 Paola had been modeling and their online loyalty is highly impressive. Unfortunately, at the time of Christmas, she was hit by a car. Although the doctors tried their best to save their leg they can’t and then they cut the leg.

4. Brielle Anya

Brielle Aneya first started as a desired and hard-working actress and then created new opportunities for herself when after moving from her hometown of Baltimore to Los Angeles. She started to work in modeling in Los Angeles and it turned out to be a career-defining decision.

5. Maria Oz

It is almost impossible not to notice Maria Oz with strikingly large eyes. She knows as well that the first thing that people notice about her is their eyes. That explains in her online presence why her eyes have played a big role. However, rather than just her big, beautiful eyes, Maria has also more. She is also a talented and wise visual artist.

6. Julia Vins

Julia Vins is belong to Saratov, Russia, and she is a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. Due to her muscular physique, she has become quite popular over the years. Her cute looks don’t let you fool as she has an impressive and nice body so that’s why the reporters give her the name “Muscle Barbie.”

7. Kati Garceau

To ignore the hypnotizing eyes of this New York native are just too attractive. It’s hard to stop looking at them when once you look into her striking green eyes. She is an enthusiastic photographer and a dog lover, and on Instagram has a big loyal fan following.  To look out for in the future she is certainly someone.

8. Jeremy Meeks

Here is an unbelievable story of Jeremy Meeks who became famous in some really unusual circumstances. When his mug shot went viral he was serving a two-year stint in prison. Meeks was a gang member with a troubled past. So, when he gets caught, then on their Facebook account the L.A. Police Department posted his mug shot. The mug shot went viral in a very short time and everyone started calling him the “hot felon.”

9. Ava & Leah Clements

These twins after their mother uploaded their photos on social media became an internet sensation short. Today, they are known as the most beautiful twins in the world. At such as young age, they have a big modeling contract and over a million Instagram followers.

10. Kseniya Rain

Kseniya Rain basically belongs from Moscow, Russia, and she is an artist and illustrator who has amazing talents. From her own portraits, she poses and attracts everyone with her beautiful looks. On Instagram, her unique looks and artistic talents combined to help her get over 500k followers. Furthermore, mostly she publishes art, sometimes she does promote products and brands.

11. Melvin

Fans of the X-Men series from the comic books may think of her as Storm when you came to know her. And then get surprised that from the Japanese anime series, Jormingand she has taken this look after taking inspiration. She is known only by her nickname “Bee” because to pronounce her real name people find it too difficult. This beautiful influencer is taking the world by “storm.”  with over 441k followers on Instagram.

12. Lauren Lunde

Lauren Lunde when started acting and modeling she was only five-year-old. She got a call from the Korean television show, Hello Baby, in 2012. Since then, with several K-Pop mega groups, such as 2 PM and B1A4 she has appeared. She is also a talented artist and also attractive voice singer. She also loves to take art classes apart from acting. She’s got a super bright future ahead of her without saying anything.

13. Sierra Isaac

In 2013, Sierra Isaac on various social media accounts started to post her photos. She didn’t know in the coming years back then that she’d have a dedicated following. Now, on Instagram, she has over 80k followers.  Of her life and modeling career, her Instagram account has amazing snippets.  For posts on makeup, beauty, and fashion tutorials you should certainly follow her account.

14. Netta Barzilai

It was Eurovision of 2018 when Netta Barzilai represented her country, Israel, and broke through international fame. She is also one of the great and super talented singers and looping artists. She not only made it to the Eurovision song contest fact she also won it. She became the fourth Israeli in history to win the international contest by doing it. She has tried her best to use it for the best purpose ever since gaining international fame.

15. Nyakim Gatwech

Nyakim Gatwech is a successful model and for all women out there she is an inspiring figure. She’s a native of Minnesota and has extremely dark skin. While referring to her South Sudanese descent, she wrote in a post, “My chocolate is elegant. A nation of warriors so is what I represent.”  In another post she wrote, “Black is bold, black is gold,  black is beautiful. Don’t allow the American standards to damage your African soul.”

16. Sarah McDaniel

Sarah McDaniel with an engaging look is already an attractive person, there is another thing that enhances her beauty. Yes, it is her heterochromia, one of the rare genetic conditions in which a person’s irises take on different colors. She has magazine work in her career so far. And she has also worked in music videos, in which G-Eazy’s “Some Kind of Drug” and Mark Ronson’s “Summer Breaking / Daffodils.” are included.

17. Alicia Nasyrova

The most interesting thing about Alicia is her long hair. And no,  in Tangled she didn’t play the role of Rapunzel. Believe it or not, for the past 20 years she has been dedicated to growing her hair. She said  In an interview with Barcroft News, “I started to grow my hair since from my childhood because I liked long hair very much. And by long hair heroines from fairy tales, I was always attracted.”

18. Sonny Turner

Anna Shillinglaw, the founder of the Milk modeling agency, found Sonny Turner on Instagram. Sonny has become quite famous In a matter of very little time. She is a very loose and crazy person and is very clear about the industry she works in. That’s why whenever she feels it’s important for her to speak up. she openly criticizes anyone.

19. Mirian Njoh

The separate look of Mirian Njoh is due to a condition known as albinism. Her body has trouble producing pigments due to the condition. For the color of our skin, these pigments are responsible. Her skin is quite fair in fact she has African ethnicity. An opportunity came knocking on the door as a talent scout approached Mirian. And offered her a job to model with her parent’s decision to move from Detroit to Toronto.

20. Saffi Karina

To find a modeling contract back when she started her career in London. Many people find it hard to believe that a girl with undeniable beauty like Saffi Karina found it hard. She remained dedicated Despite the early hurdles in her career. And today she has over 370k Instagram followers and a very attractive and active profile.

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