MicMonster Review: The Best Text-To-Speech Software

Welcome to our Website. Here we help people by providing useful information. Today we are reviewing Web Software MicMonster, which translates text into a human voice. 

I hope you must hear about MicMonster from Facebook ads or elsewhere, but if you don’t know exactly What MicMonster is. Then Don’t worry. We will provide you every single piece of information about the MicMonster. 

Let’s begin with a detailed intro. 

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MicMonster: Introduction

MicMonster is a web-based software, that converts text-to-speech into 100% human voice. As well, MicMonster provides hands speakers (Male & Female) and supports 40+ languages to generate voiceovers.

Here are some samples of the MicMonster voices.

English USA
Hindi India
French France

I have been using MicMonster for a couple of months to create a voice for Youtube & Ads videos. It generate the voiceovers in a few seconds, You just have to paste your script in it and make some adjustments according to your need. After that, click create to get your voiceover ready.

Most of the adjustments work in the USA English language. In addition to that, you will get several different speakers for every language. Furthermore, you can control the speed and pitch of your voiceover.

MicMonster Features List

MicMonster has a huge list of features such as 300+ voiceovers, 48 languages, best AI, voice adjustments, speed & pitch, compatible with every single video editor, mobile-friendly, and easy to use.

These are the best features that you get in the MicMonster. The following paragraphs provide in-depth information about every single feature.

300+ Voices

MicMonster has 300+ speakers to create different types of voiceovers. Every single language has several speakers, that help you to create a more realistic voiceover.

Because MicMonster recommends the best speakers to every language. So, you can generate voiceover in the easy and best way.

48 Languages

MicMonster supports 48 languages. So, you can pick any language according to your country and it will recommend the best speakers for your language.

Here is the list of languages that are available in the MicMonster.

(Saudi Arabia)
(Hong Kong)
(Simplified, PRC)
Chinese (Taiwan)Croatian
(Czech Republic)
(Republic of Philippines)
Irish GaelicItalian
(South Korea)
(United Kingdom)
Best AI

MicMonster has the best AI technology. That’s why it converts your text into 100% natural human voice. Moreover, It creates your voiceover in just under 7 seconds.

I have provided some samples of the MicMonster voice above in this article. you can check them to get an idea of which type of voice you get from the MicMonster.

Voice Adjustments

MicMonster generates very realistic voices like humans. But Voice adjuments help to make your voiceover more natural.

But you will get all voice adjuments only in USA English language. Whereas, other languages have one or two voice adjustments.

Mic Monster voice styles
MicMonster voice styles

In my opinion, It made perfect voiceovers without any voice styles. But if you really care about other languages, then must check the voice styles available for your language.

Speed & Pitch

Speed & pitch can be changed in all languages in MicMonster. Speed fixes the speed of the speaker and pitches help to make his/her voice low to heavy.

Here are two examples of the pitch. The first is in low-pitch and the second is in high-pitch.

Low Pitch
High Pitch

I hope you find the difference between the pitch from these two examples, Furthermore, these voices of the same speaker.

Generate Unlimited Voiceovers

After the front-end price, you can generate unlimited voiceovers in MicMonster. MicMonster has no limits to create voiceovers, But if you want more features and character’s length. Then you have to upgrade your plan for 47$ or 67$.

Add Pauses

Humans take pauses while speaking anything. So, MicMonster adds this feature in their tool, To create a more natural voice like a human.

Also, it is very important in speech. Here is an example that helps to understand why it is important.

 A woman, without her man, is nothing Or A woman: without her, man is nothing.


MicMonster works perfectly with almost every video creation platform. So, You don’t need to worry about it.

Furthermore, this web-based software. So, you can use this software on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. This compatible with every single device.

Easy To Use

MicMonster can make your voiceover in just three steps. Only you have to copy & paste the script in MicMonster & make some adjustments according to your need. After that, Click on the create button, and your voiceover will be ready in few seconds.

For more In-depth information about MicMonster watch the given video.

MicMonster Video tutorial

MicMonster Cons

Voice Styles (Only USA English)

As we know nothing is perfect in this world. MicMonster has one con that I have found in it. It is voice styles only available for the English USA language. But, all other language has one or two voice styles whereas USA English has all customs. 

MicMonster Price

The front-end price of MicMonster is 27$. Whereas, 47$, 67$, and 47$ plans are to unlock more advanced features of MicMonster. 

The following paragraphs provide information about features, that will be unlocked in different upsells.

MicMonster FE Plan- 27$

This is the front-end price of MicMonster. So, this plan you have to buy to grab the MicMonster.

  • Lifetime license
  • 200+ Speakers 
  • 3000 Characters per voiceover
  • 1 Campaign

MicMonster Pro Plan- 47$

This plan only available when you purchase the front-end plan. If you didn’t pay the front-end price, then you will be not able to grab this plan. 

Here is the list of features that will be added to the FE plan,

  • 82 extra realistic Voices
  • Merge feature to create unlimited voiceovers & dialogue videos
  • Limitless campaign
  • 40 Background soundtracks

MicMonster Agency Plan- 67$

If you buy the Agency plan of MicMonster, then you will get all pro plan features as well below features will be added to your Agency plan.

  • Agency License
  • Add Team members account

 MicMonster DFY Plan- 47$

This is the last package that MicMonster offers you. DFY is Done For You. Here, you will get done with your script & voiceovers of almost all famous industries.

Why do I recommend MicMonster to you? 

This the best text-to-speech tool on the internet. Because it is affordable and provides the best feature to make a perfect voiceover for videos or podcasts. 

Furthermore, It is very easy to use and generate voiceover just in a few seconds. These features I love MicMonster. Because I have been using this software for a couple of months. 

And I am fully satisfied with MicMonster. As well, It gives incredible results on youtube and Facebook ads. 

Final Words

We almost write about every single feature of the MicMonster. As well, We mention the features and cons of MicMonster. I hope this information is enough to choose MicMonster or not.

At the end of this article, I want to say, It is on you whether you want or not the MicMonster.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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