Meet The TWAGS: The Wealthiest Tech Wives And Girlfriends

The term “WAGS”  is used for  wives and girlfriends. The term TWAGS (tech wives and girlfriends) is used for the wives and girlfriends of soccer, basketball, and football player. In this century we live in a world where dorks can be more popular and can make some serious bucks when they are dating or married to the smartest and most successful partners. But TWAGS are the couple which both have successful career. They both have their own identity and success journey.  Here are the lists of some TWAGS list that get more publicity due to their partner and become incredible couple. The wives and girlfriends may not from the tech but famous as well as successful in their own field. 

Grimes – Partner Of Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is one of those intellectual geniuses that was able to thrive in a world through unconventional ways. He  currently has a net worth of $69.4 billion Since 2018. The billionaire playboy was dating the musician, Grimes. She is very talented musician and artist herself. The couple is really unconventional. Grime give birth to his first son in 2020.  They give him a unique  name X Æ A-12. 

  1. Rebekah Neumann – Partner Of Adam Neumann

The CEO, Adam Neuman of company WeWork has taken the world with courage, intelligence and smartness even in crises. Since 2008, The Adam Neuman, married to his long-term partner, Rebekah Neuman. The couple is happily marries and very famous. Adam and Rebekah worked together for WeWork, in partnership with Miguel McKelvey. Both have amazing career from many years. The couple has to work hard to manage their family of five kids together in respect of growth. Currently, Neuman’s net worth dropped down to $450 million. But hope they will grow again. 

Raven Lyn Corneil – Former Partner Of Jack Dorsey

​Some years ago, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was in relationship with supermodel Raven Lyn Corneil.  Corneil was 23 at the time. He was dating famous model that was extremely successful herself. The News of this relationship spread like fire in forest and become most trending News when, the Twitter mogul, decided to buy $4.5 million mansion in Hollywood hills. The net worth of Corneil is $6.8 billion. The couple is not dating anymore. The broken up News also spread like a storm. 

4. Lily Cole – Partner Of Kwame Ferreira

Lily Cole was only 13-years-old when she started her modeling career. She got super fame in modeling industry in the early 2000s.she earned the named Model of the Year by 2004. The red-haired pretty super model got married to the owner of Kwamecorp’s since 2001. The couple has one child together, after the child birth Cole has since moved on from modeling to creating her own company. The company name is “Impossible. She was focusing on her philanthropic work as well

5. Lucinda Southworth – Partner Of Larry Page

​Google’s mastermind, Larry Page is the richest people in the world.  He has worth $68.3 billion. Page got married to Lucinda Southworth since 2007. They couple has two children together. Before the relationship of husband and wife, the couple dated for about a year. Currently, they both spend a lot of their time doing charity work through. They have their own charity foundation, the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation. This foundation is partnering with other organizations. 

6. Nicole Schuetz – Partner Of Kevin Systrom

The of creator of Instagram Kevin Systrom  did not know how successful he was about to get. He was dating his college sweetheart, Nicole Schuetz, when he founded the company. They met each other when both were pursuing their degrees at Stanford University. Schuetz is the CEO of a firm which name is “Sutro”. The firm work as clean-energy investment. The couple got married in 2015 and both are still making their relation and career strong. 

7. Gabi Holzwarth – Former Partner Of Travis Kalanick

Founder of the transportation company, Uber, Travis Kalanick’s whose net worth is estimated at $5.1 billion. He dated violinist Gabi Holzwarth for 3 years. The couple is no longer together. Kakanick  take hard time adapting to his glamorous world.  Gabi Holzwarth’s ethnicity is the violinist is an American-Asian. She grew up reportedly in Redwood City, California, however Gabi may be Chinese descent. 

8. Elissa Patel – Partner Of Brian Chesky

Airbnb’s founder is in a relationship talented artist named Elissa Patel since 2015. Patel owns a company, “Eatdarjeeling”. This company specializes in headpieces. Before move to the art world though, Patel was working in the tech field. The couple met on Tinder, fell into a relationship. The couple together adopted a pet. Although they did not get engaged but still, it seems like the couple will marry soon. 

9. Miranda Kerr – Partner Of Evan Spiegel

Miranda Kerr is one of the most popular TWAGs. Before marrying Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel though, Kerr was in dating to Orlando Bloom. But it does not mean when a good partner comes in your life. The relationship between the famous model/ businesswoman and the tech guru seemed very good they got married and living happily. The couple has two kids together.  Spiegel is worth $4.7 billion and the net worth of  Kerr is $45 million herself. 

10. Tiffany Stewart – Partner Of Mark Cuban

The Shark Tank is an investor and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team as well. Mark Cuban is one of most genius and smart persons, which has resulted in his impressive career and resume. He got married to his long-term girlfriend in 2002. Her name is Tiffany Stewart and the couple met each other at the gym. Stewart was working as a sales agent in the advertisement industry. The couple now has three children together and is living happily married.

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