Madonna slams trolls who made fun of her appearance at Grammys

Madonna had enough of people who made fun of her looks after her appearance at the 65th Grammys. 

On Sunday night, Madonna, the 64-year-old icon, introduced Sam Smith and Kim Petras before their ‘Unholy’ performance to a delighted crowd. 

Madonna slams trolls who made fun of her appearance at Grammys

Unfortunately, though, negative comments about Madonna’s appearance were quickly posted on social media platforms by trolls who failed to recognize how stunning she looked that evening.

The reactions to Madonna’s “new face” were varied, with some people discussing the impacts of unrealistic beauty standards on the icon while others shared their opinions. 

One user jokingly tweeted, “@Madonna, I am shocked by how ugly you are,” followed by a second person who cruelly added:

 “You are the most revolting, disgusting old lady I’ve ever seen in my life. Such comments can be hurtful and damaging 

Let us not forget that we should always treat each other with kindness and respect! As you near your elderly death, I hope decomposition fixes what’s wrong with your face.”

Madonna slams trolls

Someone went so far as to compare her to a muppet character, asking, “What in the world has Madonna done to her face?” But many people rose and supported Madonna’s choices, noting that Hollywood pressures women into trying to retain their youthful appearance. 

Dr. Charlotte Proudman responded poignantly: “To those who criticise Madonna’s look – or say that their mom looks better at 64 

This perfectly illustrates why some women feel inclined towards cosmetic surgery.”

One Twitter user echoed this sentiment: “I sympathise with women whose careers revolve around their youth and beauty. 

The world may be horrified at the sight of Madonna’s aged face, yet we neglect to consider the internal struggles that come along with growing older while in the spotlight. 

We rarely allow celebrated female figures known for their sex appeal or good looks to age gracefully.”

Recently, Madonna addressed the issue with a forceful Instagram post where she made clear that no one will be able to break her spirit and soul. 

She also emphatically declared that she has never apologised for her creative choices or how she appears or dresses and refuses to start now. 

Over the years, mainstream media have often been critical of Madonna, but this only serves as a test that she is proud to endure so that more women who come after her can experience a more leisurely journey.

I am committed to making waves and challenging the status quo for years to come. 

And most of all, I’m determined that life should be savoured with joy! Bow down bitches – nothing can hold me back! As Beyonce famously said, “You won’t break my soul.”

She began her speech with a genuine appreciation for the groundbreaking performance of Sam and Kim, only to be met with a flood of distorted close-up photos taken by press photographers equipped with long lens cameras. 

Unfortunately, instead of admiring those onstage who blazed trails in fearlessness, too many fixated on her appearance. 

This is yet another example of ageism and misogyny that still exists today.

Our world often fails to recognize women over 45 and is frequently eager to punish them when they demonstrate strength, ambition, and a spirit for exploration. 

Madonna has stood her ground in the face of such criticism – never having “had to apologise” for any creative decisions she’s made throughout her career, nor will she ever have to. 

She knows that this judgemental attitude towards women is an obstacle that must be overcome so that others may benefit from it in years ahead. By blazing a trail despite these obstacles, Madonna continues making history daily!

Beyonce declared in no uncertain terms that nothing could break her soul. 

She also made it clear that she will not be cowed by the patriarchy and instead intends to live life on her terms signing off with an emphatic “Bow down b******” for good measure! If a microphone had been within reach at this point, it would have been well and dropped.

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