Lucky Patcher vs Freedom: Which One Is Best For You?

Apps and games are launches with all new features that improve the user experience. These days the android play store has tons of apps and games on it.

Almost 90% of games and apps are freely available on the android store, But all have in-app purchase. Also, they are removing ads from their applications but adding premium plans.

Because of this, everyone android users are looking for the best game hacker apps. In-game hacking, there are a wide range of game hacker apps. But Lucky Patcher and Freedom, two applications are the most used apps from android smartphone users.

But the question is, Which One the best for you? If you don’t know, then you are in the right place. Because this article describes full details about lucky patcher and freedom apps, the difference between these apps as well, you see in this article.

After reading this article, you can easly decide which app is the best option for you? Lets’s jump into it.

Lucky patcher vs Freedom
Lucky patcher vs Freedom

Lucky Patcher: Introduction

Lucky Patcher is the best game hacker app for beginners to because and easy to use and didn’t have problems like black screen, sudden reboot, etc.

Lucky Patcher makes create clone apk of the app that you want to hack. It applies patches on the application and gives you access to make unlimited coins, ads-free, free premium items etc.

You can use this application without rooting your smartphone, But with the limited features. If you use this after rooting your phone, then you get the full access of Lucky Patcher.
This application is freely available on the web. But you can find in the play store because it against google’s guidelines.

Freedom: Introducation

Freedom is a powerful application to hack games and apps. It is an advance level hacking app for the android smartphone.

Freedom is a powerful application but some bugs you have to face with it, Like suddenly rebooting, reloading etc.

Freedom application basically fakes Google paly store purchase with a gift card. That’s how we can get the in-app purchase for free with freedom app.

This app is also not available on the Google play store. So, you have to download it from the web.

Differences between Lucky Patcher & Freedom

Both apps are the best in their class, But lucky Patcher is easy to use than the Freedom app, because Lucky Patcher has a simple interface and few steps to hack the apps & games.

Whereas, Freedom is a little bit hard to use but more potent than the lucky Patcher. It is mainly used to get free in-app purchases. Furthermore, if you need a better success rate to hack in-app purchases, Freedom will be a better option for you.

On the other hand, lucky Patcher is mostly used for simple in-app hacks like unlimited coins, gems, chips, and ad-free experiences. But it didn’t all games or apps like Clash Of Clans, Pubg, and Call Of Duty.

Lucky Patcher is not as much power as the Freedom application. But In Lucky Patcher you didn’t bug like Suddenly reboot, blacking screen, loading, etc., that you have to face in the Freedom application.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Lucky Patcher and Freedom apps are safe to use?

Ans: Both are third-party apps they are not following the Google security guidelines. So, it is clear that there is a risk to use these applications. But lots of people are using these apps. If you want to use these applications, you can use them on your own risk.

Q2: Are Lucky Patcher and Freedom apps need a rooted device?

Ans: NO, you can use both apps without rooting your phone with the limited features. With root, you will get the full access of applications.

Q3: Are Lucky Patcher and Freedom apps have virus?

Ans: It’s hard to say because it based on where you download apk of these applications. You must download apk from any trusted apk website.

Q4: By using Lucky Patcher and Freedom my game or app account be banned?

Ans: It also hard to say, If game developers find your actions to hack their game, then there are changes that, they will ban your game account.

Q5: Are Lucky Patcher and Freedom are illegal?

Ans: Lucky Patcher and Freedom are not illegal. But hacking apps and games with these applications is illegal. So, you can use these without any problem.

Which One is The Best For You?

Both apps are the best option to hack apps on the android smartphone. But the way of hacking apps and games different from both applications.

If you are a beginner and want to hack simple apps and games, then Lucky Patcher is the best application for you. Moreover, you didn’t see any bugs in this application.

But, if you need a more robust application and better success rate to hack apps and games, then Freedom better choice then Lucky Patcher.

I hope I clear your all doubts about Lucky Patcher vs Freedom app. If you have any other queries or questions, then you can ask us in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible.

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