Logitech X50 Vs JBL GO: Detailed Comparison & Review

There is a wide range of Bluetooth speakers in the market, And a lot of companies are giving Bluetooth speakers at the affordable Price.

It is hard to find the best one from these, But Logitech X50 and JBL GO are top in the list. Because of their specifics and cheap Price.

If you confuse about these Bluetooth speakers and unable to decide which is perfect for you? 

Then you are on the right article Because this article provides in-depth information and compensation of Logitech X50 & JBL Go Bluetooth speakers.

Let’s Start WithThe Introduction

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Logitech X50

Logitech X50 is a stylish Bluetooth speaker with a clear and loud sound. It is also meanly designed for those who want to carry a speaker with them. 


JBL GO is an affordable Bluetooth speaker with a nice and loud sound. It is lightweight and best for portability.

Brand Logitech X50JBL
Model NameX50GO
Color OptionDual-TonSingle-Ton
Battery Stand up to6 hours5 hours
ConnectvityWire, BluetoothWire, Bluetooth
Audio Wattage2 Watt3.1 Watt
Special FeaturesBuilt-in microphoneBuilt-in microphone
Price Rupees1,9991,699

This table almost gives the basic information about the Logitech X50 and JBL GO. So, if you want more in-depth information about these Bluetooth speakers, then read the following paragraphs.

Differences Between The Logitech X50 & JBL GO 

In these paragraphs, you wil find every single useful piece of information about these Bluetooth speakers. Moreover, these paragraphs help you choose one Bluetooth speaker because they compare all their feature with each other.


Logitech X50 has around design and dual-ton color. Whereas JBL GO has a square format and massive logo on the speaker.

Moreover, Both have a volume button, power button, and Bluetooth button on the side of the speakers. Furthermore, JBL GO has a control for the call that is missing in the Logitech X50.

Logitech X50 only has a 3.5 mm jack and type c port for changing. In comparison to that, JBL GO has both and two USB ports for connectivity.

Furthermore, you will get a cover case with Logitech X50 speakers, which is the best case to protect and portability.


Both are very similar in the sound. Because both Bluetooth speakers have Audio Wattage of 3 watts. When you hear the music on Logitech X50 & JBL GO, you didn’t differ in the volume.

But clearly in the sound is different in both speakers. JBL GO Speaker produces a nice and clear sound on 70-80 volume. Whereas Logitech X50 is not bad but compared to JBL GO sounds a little better.


Both speakers give you almost identical battery backup. It gives you a 4-5 battery standby on 70-80% volume. So, there is no difference between the battery backup.

As well, On the JBL GO speaker, you can see the light on the front side when you put it into charging.


Logitech X50 & JBL GO are both can connect with Bluetooth and wire. In addition to that, you can use a USB in the JBL GO speaker. In comparison, Logitech X50 doesn’t have a USB port.

Moreover, you can move freely while your device is connected to the speakers, Because you can go 10 meters away from these speakers.


Logitech is a little bit overpriced compare to the JBL GO. In the above table, you can see the Price of both speakers. But as you know that, Price of these type of item can be up-down according to the time.

My Words On These Bluetooth Speakers

The above paragraphs give you every useful piece of information about Logitech X50 &  JBL GO, and the previous sections show the difference between them.

So, you can easily decide which one is perfect for you? But if you still have any doubt, then let me clarify that. I will tell you which one perfect which type of people. 

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a clear and loud sound, good battery backup. Then both are a good option for you.

But in looks and portability, then you must go for the Logitech. Because it better has design compared to JBL GO and easy carry. Moreover, it comes with an excellent cover that is attractive and protects it from any lite damage.

In comparison to Logitech X50, JBL GO provides two more ports than the Logitech. As well as, it is a little bit lighter than the Logitech. Furthermore, it has an in-built mic that helps to take calls on that control to voice assistants. 

I hope now you are doubts are clear and this article helpful for you. Still, you have any questions or suggestions for us. Then please leave it in the comment section. We are happy to help.

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