Lecy Goransen’s Career Is Over: “She Had Me Blackballed”

“Becky, it’s your own fault.” When Roseanne married Mark in the original series, she sent that message to Lecy Goransen. Becky was left on her own.

History is going backward. Goransen is currently unemployed after returning to the show and betraying Roseanne in order to keep her spot on “The Conners.” Roseanne canceled the show and fired everyone after a Los Angeles jury gave her control.

Lecy Goransen’s Career Is Over: “She Had Me Blackballed”

Becky claims that she is currently without employment. I couldn’t in fact do like… store openings,” said the entertainer, “she had me repudiated.”

Roseanne confirmed that she removed her endorsement of Goransen and the other cast members from Hollywood’s official LinkedIn account, putting them in limbo for the remainder of the season.

They may be able to work again at some point, but due to the current union rules, she will have to sit out until at least 2024. That’s a long time to work in supermarket openings.

Art Tubolls, our entertainment analyst, stated that there is no precedent for the rule and appeared somewhat perplexed. However, he expressed his prayers and thoughts for Goransen and her career.

Depending on which of our pages you are currently viewing, Roseanne is working on a variety of projects. Thank God for America.

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