Julia Roberts values a simple life over an Oscar, cooks for herself, walks the dogs, and takes the kids to school

Julia doesn’t spend her life on social media, unlike most people in Hollywood. The actress prefers a simple existence to win an Oscar, shunning social media and the attention of her followers in favor of a contented existence as a wife and mother.

In addition to being named the highest-paid actress and the most beautiful woman in the world, Julia Roberts has achieved a number of notable things. She has now discovered that a simple existence may be just as satisfying.

The actress claims that sewing has kept her mind sharp and that her outfit contains unique items.

Julia used to be a well-known party girl, and in the early 2000s, she was at the height of her career, with at least one big box office smash featuring her. She adored visiting Manhattan’s numerous upmarket eateries and restaurants.

The filmmaker had no issues with Julia’s achievement. He accepted it wholeheartedly and thereby won the Hollywood beauty’s heart. The Beautiful Woman actor then relocated to his basic Los Angeles flat.

As soon as she took off her pricey designer gown on her wedding day and returned to the guests wearing ordinary jeans and cooking for them, the actress was attracted to the low-key lifestyle.

Julia Roberts values a simple life over an Oscar, cooks for herself, walks the dogs, and takes the kids to school

According to the People, Brue Willis’ harmonica playing helped the couple’s pals adopt a low-key atmosphere. Julia allegedly turned on the disco at midnight and started dancing.

There’s no denying that Julia and Daniel’s wedding was unusual for Hollywood celebrities. Julia gave birth two years after getting married at the age of 35.

“By the time we had kids, I had done things and felt secure about that portion of my life, I was so joyful moving into the family phase of my life in a real way,” she explained to online when asked why she didn’t have kids earlier.

Julia Roberts Values Simple Life Over Oscar

Few actresses were able to resume their careers after giving birth. But, the mum didn’t perceive it as a danger because producers kept approaching her with offers to appear in their movies.

Instead, Julia decided they could wait and focused entirely on being a mother. The actress was reluctant to go back to work even after having twins and even daydreamed about relocating to a ranch in New Mexico with her family.

I don’t need to seem cool, fascinating, weird, or on the edge, she said to the People. Three years later, Julia gave birth to another child because she became so invested in her motherly responsibilities.

Julia Roberts Values Simple Life Over Oscar

My kids think I’m a fantastic cook, which is one of the mom’s accomplishments Julia proudly mentions.

She, therefore, sees herself as more of a housewife than an actress, and despite the fact that her oldest child is 18 and her youngest is 15 years old, her tendency to be a homemaker has persisted.

After breakfast, she quickly makes lunch while cleaning the kitchen, and before you know it, dinner is approaching.

Julia adds that sometimes, the entire family participates in home duties, turning the day into a huge celebration.

The celebrity gives this illustration to illustrate her life philosophy: “You don’t want to be spending time with your kids while looking at your phone. You need to be able to give them your full attention.

Thus far, Julia has avoided combining her professional and family life in order to create an impenetrable barrier between the two.

And it wasn’t until she realized she’d found the ideal partner for parenthood that she made the decision to become a mother.

Julia Roberts values a simple life

Prior to their daughter’s appearance with her father at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, when she was 17 years old, Julia and Daniel had never brought their young children on the red carpet.

Julia Roberts with her family

More than 20 years later, the pair has shown to be a genuinely strong unit. Yet like any mother, the actress is occasionally plagued by the thought that: “Sometimes, I feel gripped with the worry of blowing it.

And on occasion, I’ve simply asked my children, “Well today, me as a mum? I blew it, so let’s just take that off the board.

 And you have to admit that it’s wonderful to have someone nearby who will affirm your efforts. Unfortunately, Julia had a history of failed relationships before to Daniel because of her fame. Guys don’t like to be in a woman’s shadow.

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