Is Vidmate Safe To Install In 2024? Here Is an Honest Answer

Vidmate is one of the most popular android app for downloading videos. Either you want to download youtube videos or video from any random website, vidmate can do the job.

Vidmate isn’t available in the google play store still every other user want to download this app.

However the question is does this app safe to use?

If you are also looking for the answer to that question then you are on the right page. But before I explain let me tell you what is vidmate exactly?

Imagediamond has its own Community. Chances are high a lot of them don’t know what is Vidmate.

Is Vidmate Safe To Install?
Is Vidmate Safe To Install?

What is Vidmate Exactly?

It is an app for the Android operating system only. This app is used for downloading videos from other websites, youtube, Facebook, etc.

Vidmate is not available in the play store. Any app that allows users to download youtube videos isn’t available inside the play store. The simple reason Youtube, Android is google’s product.

Google doesn’t want to allow users to download videos from the youtube platform. Google wants to make people addicted to youtube. Thus downloading feature will ruin their aim of making more money.

Vidmate allows users to download videos from youtube that’s why Google kick it out from the play store.

Their are many other reason why vidmate isn’t part of the google play store. Now Jump to the answer of your question.

Is Vidmate safe to Use?

The Simple one-word answer is NO. During our test, we found that vidmate download unnecessary third-party apps without user permission. It means additional data usages & random notifications on your phone.

While doing some research we found vidmate also leaks user’s data. So big no from a privacy point of view.

If you are thinking why vidmate company is doing it. The reason behind this is MONEY.

Unlike other apps, vidmate can’t apply Admob ads (Google ad network for app publishers) because downloading youtube videos is against the law of Google terms & conditions.

That’s why they are making money by putting the user’s privacy at the risk. The funny thing is a lot of users still using Vidmate even after knowing the whole truth.

If you are looking for a safe option then try video downloader apps available in the play store. These apps are safe to use.

The main limitation of these play store apps is you can’t download youtube videos. If you regularly download videos from youtube then try websites instead of apps. is most famous site for downloading videos from the internet.

Vidmate alternative apps such as Snaptube & Tubemate also put user privacy at the risk. However, If I have to recommend between Vidmate, Snaptube and tubemate then I will recommend going with Snaptube & tubemate.

The reason for recommending these apps is you will not face random apps download problem.

I hope you like my short advice if you want to say something then let us know by the comment section.

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