Is Quizdom legit?

Several reward-earning programs have been developed in recent years, and it’s amazing to see so many individuals offering nice and favorable evaluations to establish their authenticity. However, it’s natural to have doubts and be suspicious if it’s genuine or a ruse, right?

As a result, in this article, I’ll present you to another program called Quizdom and offer you my honest and impartial opinion on it.

What exactly is the Quizdom?

Quizdom is a gaming app that includes a trivia quiz and over a thousand questions to enjoy! It contains 16 categories with a variety of fun questions, such as a logo quiz, music trivia, sports trivia, and more.

You may also converse with your friends from all around the world via quiz battles. Furthermore, aside from being a pleasant way to develop your brain, you can also make money by playing scratchers and slot machines.

Features of Quizdom:

  • There are 16 different kind categories, such as logo quizzes, music trivia, geography, science, sports, and so on.
  • Battle it out with pals from all around the world on a trivia question!
  • Every day, get free coins and other prizes!
  • Lie down with your friends and family and take a quiz together

Is Quizdom a Scam or a Legit App?

Quizdom isn’t a fraud, but it’s also difficult to call it legitimate. You may read the entire review for additional details on what we came to.

What Is the Procedure for Using Quizdom?

The Quizdom app is presently available for free download and installation on your Android phone from the Google Play Store. When you first use the app, you’ll be asked to provide access to your files, media, and photographs, as well as agree to the terms and conditions.

You have the option of signing up right away or skipping that section. If you’re using the Quizdom app for the first time, it will walk you through a beginner’s tutorial and have you complete your first quiz. Now, you should know that while installing the app and doing the quizzes are both free, there is an optional subscription that may or may not be beneficial to you.

How to earn Money with Quizdom?

Trivia quizzes are the most common way to earn points and receive rewards. You must first pick the category or questions you wish to answer, and once you have done so, you will be offered a chest roulette that will either reward you with coins or cash. You may also try your luck at scratch cards and free spin wheels to gain extra coins or cash.

Plus and Neg Points of Quizdom

Plus Points

If you’re searching for fun brain workouts to perform with your friends and family, the Quizdom app is a wonderful free trivia and quiz game app with over tens of thousands of questions.

Neg Points

Prepare yourself for this section since this software has far more drawbacks than positives. Take a seat as we go over the drawbacks you may experience when utilizing this software.

Too Many Advertisements:

Plentiful advertising appears on every quiz you take, according to several comments and ratings on Google Play. Interruptions between games and chest roulette may be interrupted by ads that show.

It’s a nuisance if you have a data plan because the advertisements really consume data. Indeed, it is acceptable to include advertisements because it is a method for the game developer to generate money and maintain their app; nevertheless, you might argue that it is excessive when you see at least three to four advertisements when answering a single set of quiz questions.

There is no assurance of payment.

If you truly search for testimonials, you will only be frustrated by the negative comments on this software. Some customers claim that they are unable to achieve the $10 payment barrier.

Quizdom operates in the opposite manner to the traditional gaming pattern, which allows you to earn more money by playing more games. The less money you may make from the chest roulette, the more games or questions you answer.

Furthermore, no statistics or records of users who have previously received the payment through the program are available.

Coin use

You can’t redeem or exchange your coins for cash, even if you earn a lot of them. It is worthless and can be used only for gaming.

Pressure you to avail a membership 

If you’re considering using Quizdom as a side business, you might be wondering why you need to register and pay when you’re using it to make money.

Let’s assume you sign up for a 3-day free trial and then neglect to cancel your membership. As previously said, there are no guarantees that you will receive the promised $10, so if you are billed $94.99 every year, it is a significant amount of money.


Q1: How can you make money using the Quizdom app?

Ans: Playing trivia quizzes is the most common way to earn points and receive rewards. You must first pick the category or questions you wish to answer, and once you have done so, you will be offered a chest roulette that will either reward you with coins or cash.

Q2: What is the procedure for using Quizdom?

Ans: Players compete against one other in rounds of QUIZDOM – KING OF QUIZ, answering a series of questions on one of two subjects (out of 19). Four questions are presented at a time across four rounds, and you have just 18 seconds to respond, giving the game a sense of urgency.


In the end, I can conclude that it’s still a coin flip whether to call this Quizdom app a fraud or real software. It is not a scam because it does not take money from you until you join the membership program, which is voluntary.

However, you can’t say it’s accurate in terms of legality until you have proof that they obtain their money from the app itself, which is one of the app’s goals to offer incentives in exchange for utilizing or playing their game app.

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