How To Remove HoverWatch Keylogger From Android In 2024

Hoverwatch is one of the most popular android spy app. The best feature of this app is it can send you data remotely.

Because hoverwatch provides a free trial, that’s so many install it for testing. Then they don’t know how to uninstall it later on.

Generally, app is hidden that’s why you can’t find uninstall it similar to other apps.

Here in this article, I will show you several methods to uninstall even if you are a victim & don’t secret code.

Finding Secret & Uninstalling

IF you forget your secret code & app hidden. Don’t worry Just login to hoverwatch account (on website) & go to Settings of Device as show in the screenshot.

hoverwatch code

Now open your phone and Dial ***code### then hoverwatch app will be launched. Then go to 3 dot menu and tap on the uninstall button.


Some manufacture device for example MI phone do not open hoverwatch on entering codes. In that situation, you can use the following method to uninstall this spy app.

How To Uninstall Hoverwatch Remotely

To uninstall remotely you should have your login username & password. Log in on hoverwatch website.

Go to settings tab. Scroll Down and then click on stop device monitoring. After that choose uninstall device.

It will not completely remove app from your phone but it will stop monitoring device. Hoverwatch if you want to uninstall completely then keep reading. Next method is for you.

How to Uninstall When You Are Victim

If someone else is install on device or you don’t have login access then following method can used for uninstall hoverwatch app from android phone.

This is an app that keep sending data remotely. App name is sync service. You have to find this synce service then hit the uninstall button.

Here are instructions. Go to settings of your phone.

Then scroll down & open Apps section. The interface of App section is different of every manufacture than one another.

In my phone there is search available. If in your phone it isn’t available then you have to find manually sync service.

finding sync service

Open it & hit the uninstall button.

uninstall android keylogger hoverwatch

I hope got the information that you were looking for. If you have any question/query or feedback the share by comment section.

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