How To Hide Friends On Snapchat In 2024

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms with 530 million active users. Snapchat is mainly used to upload snaps or click photos with unique & new filters. 

Like Instagram & Facebook, people make new friends on Snapchat and share photos & videos on it. But, some people don’t want to share their friends’ list with others. If you are one of them and don’t want to share your friends’ list with strangers on Snapchat. Then, follow the below-given steps. 

Steps To Hide Friends On Snapchat via mobile (Android & iPhone)

  • Open Snapchat and login to your account
  • Click on the profile button (top-left)
  • Now, click on the Settings button (top-right)
  • After that, find the Who Can section and click on the contact me button
  • Change this option, everyone to friends

Now your work has been done. After that, only your friends can contact you and see your friends list. 


It is the direct method to hide your friends’ list on Snapchat. We give images with every single step to make your work easier. 

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