How To Hack Tiktok Account In 2024 (4 Working Methods)

TikTok has more than 800 Million users. It has been downloaded 2 billion times in the Play & App Store.

Probably you are already one of those 800 Million users. Anyway, if you are looking for a working guide on how to hack a TikTok account then you are on the right page.

But before that, I want to discuss some websites that claim to hack TikTok accounts in 5 minutes or less.

These fake sites will send for a survey where you can get nothing just a waste of time. TikTok is a Multi-Billion Dollar Company. There is no automatic way to hack the TikTok account.

But if you use technical skills to make the victim fool then you can hack the TikTok account easily.

Using Phishing Method

As I described earlier phishing is basically creating a fake login page. For example this screenshot.

Tiktok phishing page

As you can see in the URL it is different than Tiktok. Not only this, some hackers insert text something like Earn Free Recharge, Free Followers, etc. So then can convince the victim to log in.

These days creating a phishing page is a bit difficult. Because the browser starts detecting the fake login page & starts warning the user.

Moreover, A lot of users use Phone OTP for the login. That’s why developing an undetectable phishing page is difficult.

But still, after these hurdles, making a phishing page is possible. But you can’t find the script on the internet. Either you can hire someone or learn Coding yourself.

Making a TikTok phishing page is difficult. Because most of the users use phone OTP to log in.

In case your victim is using something such as a password or signing with Google or anything else then it is easy for you.

How to Protect Yourself

  1. Always check the URL before login.
  2. Enable 2-Factor Authentication

By Keylogger Apps

This is the most underrated method to hack the TikTok account. Basically, a keylogger is a software or app for smartphones that can record every typed word through the phone.

The biggest problem is installing a keylogger on the victim’s device.

Once installed then it can send you data remotely. On the internet, you can find so many free keylogger apps.

Free keylogger does not send you any data remotely. You have to access the device again to view log files.

But some paid keyloggers such as Hoverwatch can send you data remotely. These keylogger apps can also take screenshots and send you remotely via the internet.

Hoverwatch is also available for Mac/windows & Android phones. I tried it on an Android phone, it is undetectable by antiviruses.

But the installation part is complicated especially if you are a non-techy person. I recommend watching the following video. But I text tutorial as well, in case you prefer text over video

Go to hoverwatch website and make your free account.

Once you signup you will see something like this one. Download the app.

hoverwatch dashboard

Then on the device where you want to install the keylogger disable the play protect. Go to Play Store Menu > Play Protect > Settings. Turn off Scan apps with Play Protect as shown in the screenshot.

hoverwatch tutorial

Now install the app of hoverwatch that you have downloaded in the second step. Once the installation is done, launch the app. It will show you something like the following screenshot.

hoverwatch tutorial

Select anything, it doesn’t matter. After selecting click on the next.

Then it will show you End-user License Agreement that you have to accept if you want to install a keylogger on the phone.

The next step is all about allowing permissions. First, some basic permissions such as calls, files, etc permissions. Make sure you turn on every one of them.

Then you need to enable the Accessibility service. It will take you to the settings. Where you need to enable Sync Service.

After that Turn on Access to Usage. A popup will appear with instructions. Clicking on the ok button will take you to Usage Access. Where again do you need to turn on the Sync service

hoverwatch tutorial

like this, you have to enable overplay permission, Disable app notification & Disable Battery Optimization as well.

After that login into the hoverwatch account that you have created while purchasing.
On successful login, you can select turn on the service that want to monitor. you may need to allow several other permission as well.

hoverwatch tutorial

Last but not least It will ask you to type a pin. Because the app is hidden. If you want to access the app you need to Dial ***pin-code###.

hoverwatch tutorial

Hoverwatch dashboard: Here I have login into hoverwatch after installing it.

How to Protect

  1. Keep Your Device Up to Date
  2. Apply step 2 verification on your accounts

Social Engineering

Social Engineering nothing just guess the password. But with the above methods, you can also do social engineering. To Convince the victim to login into the fake page, install a keylogger, etc.

 A lot of people set a password using the name of dad/mom with a mixture of some other characters.

Some people use the same password for every account. So if you can get the password of other accounts then try on TikTok, it might work. A lot of people use the same password everywhere.

How to Protect your account

Use a Strong Password. Here is my recipe to create a strong password. Think about a sentence in mind, anything. For this example let’s use the following one.

Tinku was Our First Dog.

Now Pick the first character of every word. It will look something like this

Last but least add some special characters to it.

I have picked 098 special characters so I can remember. Now you have a strong password.

By Hacking Other Accounts

A lot of people use other accounts such as Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, etc to log in on TikTok. Hacking these accounts is much easier. Nowadays people use login with FB everywhere, so it is easy to convince someone to login FB into a phishing page.

Making FB/Insta phishing pages is much easier. In fact, I have published articles on how to create an Instagram phishing page and a Facebook phishing page. You will get the pre-made script. Make a few changes and you are good to go.

Then you can use these accounts to login into TikTok. If you have FB or install a password already then maybe why not try the same password for TikTok?

A lot of users use the same password for every account.

Final Words

These methods are just simple techniques to hack the TikTok account. If you learn hacking by yourself then you will explore some advanced things that are difficult to teach a non-hacker.

Anyway, I hoped you like this article. If you have any questions let me know in the comment section. I will be happy to reply to you. And in case you are first time here check some other articles

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