Will Smith had a good excuse not to watch Chris Rock’s weekend Netflix special

Rock, 58, poked fun at Smith and the Oscars slap one year after the news-making incident during his Selective Outrage comedy special, which was streamed life Saturday night from Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre.

Rock singled out the Emancipation actor during the special, speculating that Smith had been “practicing selective indignation” when he attacked the actor.

Among other provoking subjects, Rock also alluded to cheating rumors that Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, encountered in 2020.

Will Smith had a good excuse not to watch Chris Rock's weekend Netflix special

Will feels wounded and embarrassed by what Chris said in his Netflix special about him and his family.

Despite not watching, he had others inform him of Chris’s remarks “According to a person who spoke with ET, Smith was upset following the special.

You can find remarks about it everywhere online and on social media, so Will and Jada have seen them.

Months after the Oscars episode, Smith apologized to Rock in an emotional YouTube video for hitting him onstage. The day after the Academy Awards, he posted a written apology on Instagram.

Will apologized to Chris and asked him to forget about it, the person continued. “Will has improved himself, and the Oscars have given him a 10-year suspension.

That’s enough, he thinks, and he wants Chris to move on so that everyone else can do the same.”

Additionally, the source informed ET that Smith is “upset” that Netflix provided Rock with “this stage” to voice his opinions.

The source continued, “Will is also angry that Netflix was involved and believes Chris insulting Jada again is beneath the belt. He finds it offensive and is angry that Netflix gave Chris a platform to spread these messages.

On the other hand, a different source claims that Rock is prepared to move on now that he has for the first time in a major way directly addressed the Oscar slap.

He covered all of his bases, the insider told ET. It was humorous, self-deprecating, and stimulating. “Chris is eager to move on” at this time.

Will Smith had a good excuse not to watch Chris Rock Netflix special

In Baltimore, Maryland, Pinkett Smith’s birthplace, Selective Outrage attended a Rock performance. During the special, Rock also discussed “woke culture,” the Oscars episode in various ways, and Meghan Markle’s allegations of racism against the royal family.

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