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Mod apps are very famous these days. Almost everyone uses mod apps on their mobile phones because they give them better features than the original one. 

After GB Whatsapp, Now GB Instagram has come on the internet. Like GB WhatsApp, this mod Instagram gives you a wide range of features missing in the original Instagram. 

People are downloading this application on their mobile phones. If you are one of them and want an APK file of mod Instagram, then you’re one the right place.

This article provides you, the latest & Old mod GB Instagram versions for download. Moreover, this article gives in-depth information about GB Instagram that you need to know. 

Let’s begin the GB Instagram introduction, 

What Is GB Instagram? 

GB Instagram is a modded version of the original Instagram that provides extra features compared to the original one. 

Moreover, this application is fully packed with those features that are useful for us, such as image & video download buttons, and customization options for the home screen and conversation screen. 

GB Instagram Features 

GB Instagram is also fully loaded with features like other modded apps. This application gives access to download photos, videos & stories, customization options, and other features. 

In the following paragraphs, We provide you, Every single piece of information about GB Instagram’s mod app features. We didn’t waste your time on the similar options of original and GB Instagram.

GB Instagram Options

In this GB Instagram option, you get some mod app features, So we don’t have to download third-party apps to grab these options. 

You can get these options by clicking on three dots>>GB options of image & video. Furthermore, you can get these options in the Instagram story as well. The given screenshot gives you a basic idea of What type of features you get in this option. 


With this feature, you are able to download any image and video from Instagram. Without downloading any third-party app. 

It is a helpful feature for those people who often download images & videos from Instagram. Moreover, Images and videos automatically save into the gallery of your mobile phone.


The preview option is used to view images on full screen. In my opinion, the Preview option is not very useful, Because we can see the preview of the picture by holding the image in the original Instagram.

The only thing, We can see images closer on GB Instagram, and we don’t have to hold the image for a long time. 

Share/Copy Image or Video URL

These two options give access to share/copy the URL of any image or video from Instagram. So, you can share photos & videos with your friends and family in an easy way. 

Copy Link

With this feature, you can copy the link to any image & video on Instagram. This option is not very useful, Because we get this option in the original Instagram as well. 

We mention this feature Because it is in the list of GB options. Otherwise, this feature is also available on the original Instagram.

GB Instagram Appearance

In the modded applications, Everyone loves the customize options, Because anyone wants to customize the home screen and conversation screen according to their choice. 

GB Instagram provides a wide range of customization options. So, you can control the color, symbols, notifications, profile screen, and many more. 

To find these options in GB Instagram, follow the below-given steps

  • Open GB Instagram on your mobile phone
  • Click on the profile icon 
  • Click on the GB Instagram settings
  • scroll down to view GB Instagram appearance

Here, you can see all GB Instagram appearance options. That will help you, To make a more attractive outlook of GB Instagram. In the given screenshot, you can see the whole list of GB Instagram appearances. 

Conversation Screen

In conversation Screen, GB Instagram provides you with three types of customization sections. Such as header, chat, and translucent mode.

In the header option, GB Instagram allows you to change the colour of the header background, gradient orientation header icons colour, and contact name colour. 

Whereas Chat sections include chat background, left/right text, time, right/left bubble, status icon text entry, and many more colour options. Here is the screenshot of the chat section’s list of customization.

The last Translucent section has two types of colour customization. The first one is the status bar colour and the other one is the navbar colour.

Main/Chat Screen 

The Main/chat screen also has two main sections. Chat header and chat rows. 

The chat header gives the option to change the colour of the header background, gradient colour, and header icons colour. 

Whereas, Chat rows have massive customization options, like Background, gradient camera icon, message, names, date, bottom background, search bar background, and many more colour customization options. 

Comment Screen 

The comment Screen section provides Comments background, gradient, name, date, comment, like count, reply, and lots of more colour options.

Home Screen

The home screen section is fully loaded with customization options. It has a header, feed, bottom bar, & stories tab customization features.

In header customization, you are able to change the colour of the header background, header icons, and header ‘Instagram’. 

The feed section has three types of subsections in the GB Instagram feed section, such as post header, post-interaction tap, and post captions/hashtag tap.

The bottom bar has a Bottom bar background, bottom bar icon and bottom bar selected icon options to change their colours.

In the stories tap, you can change the colour of the stories tab background, stories names, name after viewing stories, watch all, and stories.

Notifications Screen

You can see the notification header and row options in the notification screen section.

The notification header has three colour customization options such as header background and header text. 

Whereas, notification rows have a huge list of colour customization like background, text, names date follow/unfollow button background & text colours, and many other colour features.

Profile Screen

The profile screen also has a header and rows colour customization sub-sections. The header section allows you to change the background and header icon colour. On the other hand, Profile rows have a massive list of colour customization options.

Other Mods 

In the end, it gives two customization options. The first feature is to start videos directly with sound, and the other one is to disable the slide navigation feature.

Extra features

In the privacy section, you can hide your views from the stories. So, no one can know that you have watched their stories.


Furthermore, you can download themes & load themes on your GB Instagram to make it more attractive.

Difference Between the GB & original Instagram

I have been using GB Instagram for the last 25 days. I saw the difference between these two applications. The following paragraphs explain my personal experience.


Both applications are very similar in layout. Only on the profile page, you can see the GB Instagram setting on the top. 


Modded applications are famous for their features. So, we know that GB Instagram has more features than the original Instagram. Moreover, the above paragraphs give in-depth information about GB Instagram features.


GB Instagram has a huge list of customization in color, But if you are looking for customization like modded Whatsapp, then GB Instagram doesn’t have that.

Whereas Original Instagram comes with the original theme, In this, you can’t change anything. 

My Experience 

As I said, I’m using GB Instagram for the last 25 days and Original Instagram for a couple of years. 

I feel that GB Instagram is very slow compared to the Original Instagram. Furthermore, Original Instagram is safer than GB Instagram. Because GB Instagram is a third-party app like other modded applications.

Final Words

We write every single piece of information about GB’s Instagram that is not available in the original Instagram. Moreover, we provide a short comparison between the original & GB Instagram. 

So, you know the difference between the original & GB Instagram, before using it. At the last, I will share my experience with GB Instagram.

We hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any type of questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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