Free Scribd Premium Account: 3 Methods 2024

In the past decade book reading changed a lot. Ebook & audiobooks are on the boom. Alone in the USA audiobooks generate billions of dollars in revenue in just one year.

Scribd is one of the most famous e-book & audiobook service providers in the world. It was founded in March 2007 in California.

Scribd paid plans to start at $9.99/month. A lot of people are not comfortable paying this amount of money.

If you are one of them and looking for a free method to get a Scribd account then you are. on the right page.

Here I will show you multiple methods that how you can get a Scribd premium account for free.

If you read the entire article carefully then you don’t need to make another search on google about a free Scribd account.

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1. Using Accountbot

Accountbot is a very interesting website where you can purchase accounts of other sites. They offer Netflix, Disney plus, Skillshare, Scribd and so many other sites account at very affordable prices.

Scribd will cost you $15/year on accountbot as you can see in the screenshot.

I know this isn’t free however it is the best way to get a Scribd account. Free Methods generally stop working after a period of time

Let me show you step by step tutorial on how to get an account from accountbot then I will share the proof with you that it’s a working website.

  1. First of all open accountbot website by clicking here.
  2. In the sidebar, click on the register and create your account.Register on accountbot
  3. Once your account is registered then click on explore from left the sidebar. Scroll down until you don’t find Scribd as shown in the screenshot.
  4. Click on it, it will take you to the next page. Select the plan that suits you.  Go with 1-year plan. Here you can save a lot of money. Scribd annual plan costs $120 but on accountbot you can get it $15 only, save $100.
  5. Anyway once you have selected the plan that you are ready to purchase then click on the Purchase. It will take you checkout page. You can make payments using the card, Cryptocurrency, and apple pay.
  6. Once you made the payment you will see a page like this.
  7. Now go to Subscriptions from the left sidebar and click on the Scribd Icon.
  8. Here click on the generate, it will provide you working account, and a message of the account is generated.
  9. Now go to Scribd website or mobile app and click on login.
  10. Log in with credentials provided by accountbot.
  11. You will once you have logged into Scribd

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