Free Offline Music App For Android 2024

Everyone loves to listen to music while working, studying, travelling, and in their free time. These days people use online music streaming platforms to listen to music. 

But, sometimes we have limited internet data or have a weak network to play music online. Here, We need offline music streaming apps or platforms to listen to music. 

Although Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Apple music popular online music platforms have the option to download music and play it offline. But, these features come with their premium plans. 

If you are looking for the best offline music streaming apps for Android. In this article, you will find the list of the best offline music streaming apps.

Check out our best pick of offline music streaming apps, 

The Best Offline Music Streaming Apps for Android


Black Player is the best offline music player. Because, it’s clean, customizable, has fantastic gesture controls, and ads-free, and comes with a user-friendly interface. 

It has all the mandatory features that any offline music player should have. As well as, It has a huge list of extra features that make it better them all such as an equalizer, sound effects, sleep timer, adjustable playlist, and many more features.

Besides this, It has a black colour theme, which looks amazing. And, attracts everyone. I personally like the black theme of Black Player. 

Phonograph Music Player

The Phonograph is one of the best offline music players if you are looking for a free, clean, and user-friendly offline music player. 

The Phonograph music player does not have a heavy list of features, But It has all the necessary features available in its player. 

Moreover, It automatically scans all audio files from your phone and put them into different folders according to their type. 

As well as, you can adjust the next play or playlist in the Phonograph Music player. Besides this, It also has a premium version which includes some premium features in its player. 

Pixel Music Player

The pixel music player is also one of the great offline music players, It has a manageable, smooth and useful interface. 

It is in the second place because it contains displays. But, it also has some better features than the phonograph such as a sleep timer, equalizer, theme options, and more. 

But, if you want to remove ads from their player then they have the option of the premium plan. Besides this, it has options to add songs to playlists, favourites, and folders.

Not only that but also it automatically scans your audio files and put them all into the different folders. 


AIMP is offline music streaming app for android with a straightforward interface. As well, It has easy-to-use controls. 

On top of that, AIMP supports UI customization, navigation menu, playlist full control, file information, sound effects manager, and sleep timer. 

In UI customization, you can customize its interface. And, navigation helps you to do things easier. Moreover, you can adjust the playlist according to your need.

Furthermore, It also provides you with full information about the file. With the sound effects manager, you can adjustable equalizer and sound effects. Also, you can add a sleep timer in this music player. 

The only downside of this music player, you have to add a playlist manually. Which is hard & time-consuming work. Otherwise, it is a pretty good offline music player. 

JetAudio HD Music Player

JetAudio HD Music player is also an offline music player, that offers free and premium plans. But, their free plan is more than enough for ordinary users.

On top of that, JetAudio has a huge list of features such as an equalizer, sound effect, audio enhancer, speed control, and more. Moreover, it has easy-to-use playback controls. 

Furthermore, it automatically detects songs from the files. And, place them into the different folders according to artist, albums, and songs playlist. 

Apart from this, you are also able to make your own playlist, add favourites, find a song on youtube, search for songs, sleep time, and many other extra features. 

The only downside of the free version of JetAudio HD music player, it contains display ads while using the music player. But, their premium version removes all ads and adds some premium features. 

Rocket Music Player

Rocker Music player offers a free and premium version of its Android app. However, their free version has enough features that most users don’t need to upgrade to their premium version. 

Like the JetAudio music player, the Rocket music player also contains display ads in the app. Besides this, it has an easily operated interface and has a massive list of features. 

Equalizer, search, change themes, fade in/out, customize playback, Bluetooth control customize, add own folder & playlist, and other features you can access in this music player. 

the downsides of the Rocket music player are that it contains display ads and its scanner is not perfect. Because, when I use this app. It didn’t show any songs on a mobile phone. Although, my phone has songs in different folders.

Impulse Music Player

The Impulse music player is a bit different from the other player because of its cool type gesture controls. But, its interface is a little bit complicated in my opinion.

Otherwise, it has almost every single basic feature that a regular music player has. Moreover, it has extra features like an equalizer, sleep timer, adjustable playlist, and favourite playlist. 

Impulse music player is an ordinary offline music player, Which we don’t recommend you to use. If you are searching for a simple and user-friendly music player. 

 Shuttle Music Player

If you are using an old phone or low-budget mobile phone, then the Shuttle music player is one of the best choices. Because this application is too smooth and lightweight. 

Moreover, the Shuttle music player is very similar to other offline music players. It has all the required features to play music. On top of that, it has a built-in tag editor, folders, Chromecast support, and some extra themes. 

Furthermore, it auto-detects all audio files from your mobile, phone and put them into folders. As well, it has a sleep timer, and it gives the option to customize your playlist. 

We don’t recommend this music application, but if your phone is too low. Then you must try this application. because it’s smooth and fast even on old mobile phones.


Media Monkey is not only an offline music player, you can also listen to and watch videos, podcasts, audiobooks, classical music, and other tracks. 

If you are looking to just listen to music, then there is a better option than this. But, if you listen to podcasts or audiobooks and watch videos. Then this will be the better option for you. 

Like other music players, it has an equalizer, sleep timer, personalized, and other extra features that will enhance your music experience. 


Player Pro is very similar to other offline music players. Also, it has the almost same features as other music player apps. 

But, its interface is a bit unique from the other ordinary music players. Because you can access all mandatory features from the media player screen. 

Otherwise, It doesn’t have any extraordinary features. you will get the equalizer, adjustable playlist, sleep timer, and more. 

Pulsar Music Player

The pulsar music player also comes in the same list. It is also similar to other standard offline music players. 

But, it has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Personally, which attracts me the most. 

Otherwise, it has the exact same features list that you can find in the normal offline music player. Moreover, It has easy-to-use media controls. 

Overall, It is a good offline music player. But, if you are looking for feature-loaded offline music players check the upper list. It is a basic and easy-to-use music player. 

Our Recommendation

Black & Phonograph music players are one of the best choices as offline music player apps for android. If you are looking for a fantastic-looking and feature-loaded music app, then Black player will be the best choice for you. 

But, if you are looking for a lightweight, clean, and simple music player, then you must choose a Phonograph music player. 


We have mentioned almost 15 offline music apps for android with brief information, that will help you to choose the best one for you. As well, we also provide our recommendations in this article, so you can choose the best one. 

I hope this article is helpful for you. Still, do you have any questions or suggestions for us? Please leave them in the comment section. 

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