Free Grammarly Account: 4 Working Methods 2024

Grammarly is a one-stop-shop for grammar, proofreading, spell checking, and plagiarism detection. 

Grammarly is a must-have if you write a lot. It is available as a chrome extension, office plugin, keyboard app, and online editor.

Most people will find it useful as a grammar checker, but there are a lot of varied tools that might help you improve your writing. 

The Grammarly desktop program and browser extensions provide you new methods to utilize the software in all of your writing. 

You will benefit from utilizing Grammarly if you are a blogger, content writer, student, or author. It will assist you in comprehending many of those tricky grammatical problems. 

The simple program will detect spelling flaws, grammatical faults, punctuation errors, plagiarism concerns, and other issues. 

The Grammarly program (and online Grammar Handbook) does more than just identify problems; it also provides extensive explanations of your grammatical faults, allowing you to gradually improve as a writer while using it. 

With both a free and premium version, you can try Grammarly for free and then subscribe to Grammarly Premium once you grasp the additional benefits.

How Grammarly Works?

Grammarly assigns an overall score to your work depending on the number of problems and mistakes detected. It then guides you through a variety of probable grammar errors one at a time. 

The system provides both a brief and a detailed explanation for each issue that is discovered. These explanations offer examples of good grammar. In some of these situations, the system suggests alternate phrasing. 

However, any particular modifications must be made by the user—Grammarly will not force you to do so. If you disagree with the suggested modifications, you have the option of dismissing possible problems. 

Misspellings are highlighted, and a list of alternate spellings is provided. A simple plagiarism checker can assist writers in identifying any unintentionally copied text. 

The algorithm identifies comparable material that exists elsewhere and offers citations that may be used to validate the text in question. 

There is a synonym checker provided that allows users to select optional phrasing and prevent duplication. Grammarly also offers explanations for recommended improvements, as well as details on the sort of error you’ve committed. 

Users may begin the process by copying a text into an editing box in Grammarly’s desktop site, then choosing the document’s type and selecting “Start Review.”

Why Go With Premium

Except having free plan features premium offers the following extra features

  1. Clarity-focused sentence rewrites: Grammarly will suggest rewrite hard to read sentence.
  2. Tone Adjustments: Either you want to write something personal or something that will sound professional. Grammarly can help you with this.
  3. Plagiarism detection: Plagiarism is the way to find how content uniqueness. I peronsally never paid attention to plagiarism. There is no chance that other person will write exactly like you, at least for me. However, if it matters for you then you are getting this feature in the premium plan.
  4. Word Choice: Grammarly will suggest you better words while writing.

You are also getting Fluency, Formality level and so many other features that will definitely improve your writing.

Who should use Grammarly?

  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters and content marketers
  • Authors
  • Plagiarism detection is of importance to scholars.
  • Anyone in the corporate world who has to write a precise report, presentation, email, or social media post.
  • Students
  • Anyone who writes in English on a regular basis

1. Grammarly Free Username & Account

I’ve provided a selection of usernames and passwords for you to use to gain access to Grammarly free accounts, but don’t think about changing the password on these accounts!

[email protected]xat12345
[email protected]xoh12345
[email protected]dok12345
[email protected]jiv12345
[email protected]jow12345
[email protected]nap12345
[email protected]beg12345
[email protected]yam12345
[email protected]lav12345
[email protected]cod12345
[email protected]dac12345
[email protected]xol12345
[email protected]kah12345
[email protected]roc12345
[email protected]sew12345
[email protected]boj12345
[email protected]cap12345
[email protected]mip12345
[email protected]dex12345
[email protected]mox12345
[email protected]gib12345
[email protected]ror12345
[email protected]cah12345
[email protected]gac12345
[email protected]yat12345
[email protected]nam12345
[email protected]bix12345

Did you try accessing any of the above accounts? Not working? Well, we played a prank on you! These accounts are fake and there is no way you can access free accounts this way.

Any website offering Grammarly accounts username & password list is a lie. You can’t get a premium Grammarly account so easily.

Want to know the real method? Then we are delighted to tell you about the software AccountBot.

Accountbot website sells accounts on other websites at a low cost. All major websites, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, skillshare, McAfee, Spotify, NBC, and others, are available here. 

This website has the following features:

  • Memberships are available at a huge discount, with savings of up to 90% off the regular price. The most affordable pricing on the market.
  • Automated Exchange – They are also the only site that gives an automated exchange mechanism, allowing you to have a working account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Real-time assistance – They have such a dedicated support team that works 24 hours a day to guarantee that their clients are satisfied.

Let’s see how we can build a free Grammarly account now before we waste any more time.

2. Using AccountBot For Free Premium Account For Grammarly

1. When you visit the Accountbot website for the first time, you’ll see something similar to this.

Accountbot website

2. Select the register option from the drop-down menu.

Register on Accountbot

To sign up for an AccountBot account. Simply enter your username, password, and email address. Then press the register button!

Make account on Accountbot

3. After you’ve established your account, you’ll be taken to a selection of platforms to choose from; scroll down to the Education area. The option for Grammarly may be found here.

Free Grammarly Account

4. Now go to Grammarly and choose this option; you should see something similar to this. There are a variety of plans to select from here. Let me go through these plans with you in detail:

  • 1 Month – $4.99
  • 3 Months – $9.99
  • 6 Months – $14.99
  • 1 Year – $19.99
Buy Free Grammarly Account

5. Once you’ve selected the plan you want, go ahead and add it to your cart and buy it.

6. You will be sent to the payment gateway after this. Where you may pick from a variety of payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Debit/Credit, Apple Pay
  • CryptoCurrency
Payment of Free Grammarly Account

7. After you’ve paid, you’ll see something similar to this:

Free Grammarly Account

8. You will now be given new login information; go to the Grammarly website and enter this information to access your account.

Free Grammarly Account


The left side screenshot is taken from Grammarly accountbot website. Then I have login into Grammarly to give login credentials.

You can see that it has a premium badge and the email address is the same provided by the accountbot.

Free Grammarly Account

3. Grammarly’s Trial Version

This is the simplest method, however, it does not provide you with an instant Grammarly premium account. Nonetheless, you will have access to Grammarly Premiums for free for the next 30 days. Here’s how to get started with your premium account:

  • Visit Grammarly’s website and, if you don’t already have one, sign up for one using your email address.
  • Click on “Get Grammarly Premium,” then select the Grammarly package you want.
  • Then, indicate your payment options. Don’t be shocked if you still have to pay for this, however you can get a refund later.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Grammarly Premium is now available to you.
  • Before your free trial expires, contact their customer service team and request a refund.

To prolong the one-month free Grammarly premium subscription, simply follow these easy instructions. But first, you must obtain free access to the Grammarly premium plan for the first 30 days.

4. Affiliate Marketing

To obtain Grammarly Premium for free, you must first sign up for an affiliate account. This technique is far superior to purchasing a premium Grammarly account. It might also be a source of income for you.

You only need to complete the following:

  • Make a new “Grammarly Free Account.”
  • Sign up to become a Grammarly Affiliate.
  • To be authorised for Affiliate, you must wait 2-3 business days.
  • Send your “Grammarly Account” to the “Grammarly Affiliates” team to receive a free 1-month Premium Grammarly subscription.
  • The Grammarly premium upgrade will be sent to you within 2-3 business days.

Features of Grammarly

Grammarly may assist you in checking for the following sorts of writing errors:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Errors in grammar
  • Issues with readability
  • Plagiarism issues
  • Tone of Writing

Grammarly application is similar to spell check in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The browser extension application might be handy if you want to edit while working. 

You may copy and paste your work into the Grammarly online editor if you want to perform all of your editings at the end. 

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of Grammarly’s features:

1. Checker for Grammar and Punctuation

Grammarly is most recognized for identifying grammatical and punctuation errors, as the name implies. The available feedback varies from basic to sophisticated. Grammarly detects and corrects over 150 grammatical mistakes, including:

  • Errors in spelling and punctuation
  • Inadequate sentence construction
  • Sentences that continue indefinitely
  • Errors in passive voice
  • Sentences that are too long

It does more than simply detect errors; it also makes real-time improvement ideas and explains why these improvements are important.

2. Coach for Writing Style

Grammarly’s finest feature is that it will also assist you in self-edit your work. It gives instances of why something is a grammatical error and how to fix it. As you start to make improvements, the software will encourage you and raise your total score.

3. Conventions

Most competent authors are aware of conventions. They write in a certain style so that the reader can understand what we’re attempting to communicate. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and sentence structure are all examples of conventions. Previously, authors and editors had to rely on style manuals. Grammarly currently includes all of these grammatical rules.

4. Check for Plagiarism

When you upgrade to Grammarly Premium, the program identifies plagiarism as well. The plagiarism detection technology is quite detailed, comparing your content to billions of web pages.

5. Formality

Formality is more than just a formal or casual tone. It has something to do with some of the unwritten norms of the English language. Many of these ‘rules’ are acquired in school or are solely applicable to commercial or academic writing. However, if they are not verified, they will distract some readers from your content.

6. Spelling Checker

It serves as a spell checker as well as a grammar checker. While most writing applications (Microsoft Word, Scrivener, etc.) include this function, it’s far simpler to check your spelling problems alongside grammar, particularly as you make more changes.

7. The Passive Voice

The use of a passive voice in your writing reduces intelligibility. It makes sentences appear weaker and more imprecise. Unfortunately, most spellcheckers do not catch passive voice errors. Grammarly is smart enough to recognize the passive voice in writing. When it detects it, it displays an alternative and explains how to enhance your sentence structure.

8. Include a team member.

Assume you’re a writer or a teacher. If you wish to share this tool with other members or students right now, you may quickly add members to the account.

9. Connect

Grammarly premium may be used in Microsoft Word, Slack, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Gmail, Zoom, Google Chrome, and other applications.


Hopefully, you have already begun utilizing a Grammarly premium account for free on your devices. As we have included all of the information on how to get a Grammarly premium account for free with AccountBot. You may also acquire accounts on other sites using the same approach. 

Disney Plus and skillshare, for example! I hope you found this post useful. However, if you have any further concerns about this method, then please let us know in the comments area below!

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