Elon Musk Fires Engineer Who Told Him His View Count Is Down Because People Are Bored Of Him

According to Platformer’s sources, Elon Musk reportedly dismissed one of his engineers on the spot for informing him that people have had enough of his antics and he is not interesting anymore. The culprit may very well be himself! The entrepreneur gathered Twitter advisors and engineers this Tuesday to find out why his view count was dwindling.

Elon Musk Fires Engineer

Musk fumed, “I have over 100 million followers, and only my impressions count in the tens of thousands.” 

Elon Musk Fires Engineer Who Told Him His View Count Is Down

Anonymous sources came forward, revealing that one of their engineers had investigated the issue but found no technical fault or evil plan, which resulted in suppressed reach; instead, people stopped paying attention to his tweets due to an overload of antics.

As evidence that the issue wasn’t due to Twitter’s codes, they displayed a Google trends graph that illustrated how his popularity rating had dropped drastically from 100 down to nine. 

This proved that it was correct in coding; instead, people were only captivated when Musk messed up substantially  yet this feeling was short-lived. 

The disinherited heir of an emerald mine during Apartheid could not stand such an explanation and uttered, “You’re fired!”

Platformer was prudent in protecting the engineer’s anonymity, as numerous ex-employees of Twitter endured severe criticism from Musk when he took control and unleashed chaos with mass layoffs. 

In a wrong move, one of those workers got called out by him publicly on his “Twitter files” tweets – this caused such intense harassment that they had to change their place of residence. Twitter’s reach algorithm is functioning normally. 

Despite CEO Elon Musk launching a new views counter in January to prove there was more activity on Twitter than most people thought, experts warned it would have the opposite effect and demonstrate how little engagement many tweets get – which seems to be true.

Elon Musk tweets

The numbers suggest that few individuals are even viewing tweets as much as before.

The Platformer article paints a dismal picture of the conditions Twitter’s remaining employees are dealing with, discussing anonymously their bleak workplace and feeling compelled to be less than sincere to stay employed.

Elon Musk Fires Engineer Who Told Him His View Count Is Down

 “When someone asks me something,” one worker answered, “I think quickly and wonder: what is the least fireable answer I can provide right now?”

Elon Musk’s challenges have been noticed by his staff, who claim that he cannot accept any suggestion or indication of unfamiliar technologies. 

His unreasonable requests leave employees wasted and frustrated- seemingly pushed with no purpose or direction; a single comment made late in the night leads them on incomprehensible pursuits. 

One employee stated: “He’ll come up to us with someone saying they can’t do something on the platform, so then we find ourselves trying to chase after it for just one user. It’s pointless!”

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