Einthusan Alternatives: 10 Better Sites To Free Movies

Einthusan is one of the most popular websites in south India for streaming movies & tv shows for free.

There are approximately 5000 movies & tv shows available in 9 Indian regional languages.

Einthusan is gaining popularity day by day. More & more people are becoming addicted to this site for entertainment.

The Best thing about Einthusan is it is free to use. That we Indians love. However, if you want to get rid of ads then you need to pay one-time small fees.

Ads sometimes ruin the experience. Its library also becomes limited when you are a movie lover and you have spent enough browsing Einthusan. You also need to use a VPN/proxy that affects your speed.

If anything sounds similar and now you are looking for alternative options then you are on the right page. Here I will provide the best alternative sites for streaming movies & web series.

Is Einthusan Legal?

Well no it is not possible. These movie copyrights are not super affordable. Any website offering users to view movies completely free is not legal. So yeah this website is illegal.

This is the reason why Einthusan is not accessible without any VPN. Indian government blocked this site, VPN changes your location to access the site.

Most users don’t care about legal/illegal. They just want to watch movies for free or at a lower cost.

When you are a movie lover depending upon one source is not an option. Especially when you can access multiple resources for free. So that’s why I’m bringing multiple alternative sites to Einthusan for watching movies free or at cost.

Best Einthusan Alternative Sites in 2024

Cheap Netflix account

Yes, this is possible. You don’t need to spend 800 rs every month for getting a Netflix account.

Using accountbot you can get a Netflix UHD plan at just 1400 for a year. Now getting top-notch content from Netflix at just 1400 is a fair deal.

However, you don’t need to pay 1400 INR upfront you can choose the monthly plan as well. But it will cost you 220 INR.

Accountbot is a website where you can get Netflix, Hulu, NBA, Spotify, skillshare, etc accounts at affordable prices.


Indian users can make payments by Paytm. So this is a win-win situation.


Hotstar is an Indian streaming service that mainly serves the Indian audience. Except for movies & tv shows, you can also watch live channels with Hotstar.

The best thing you can create a free account on Hotstar. However, you will get a lot of limited content in the free plan.


Its paid subscription isn’t very expensive. 1500 for one year. Recently Disney plus combined with Hotstar to compete with prime video & Netflix.

Hotstar is pushing original content but still, Netflix is the king when it comes to the original content. I think you can try Hotstar for watching movies.


There are tons of content free available on youtube. You can also find movies & tv shows. Some movies are paid to watch.

Youtube is the best source when it comes to video streaming or free videos. Youtube has original content. A lot of creators solely depend upon youtube for income.


They are publishing content anywhere else. So it has original content as well. Anyway, if you search wisely you can find a lot of copyright-free movies & tv shows on youtube free.


Thepiratebay is google when it comes to finding copyrighted content for free. Either you want movies, web series, software, or anything else.

Thepiratebay can provide all kinds of digital copyrighted content for free. In case, you are not familiar with thepiratebay basically it is a torrent search engine.

People who know about torrents usually know about this site well enough.


Accessing this site isn’t like downloading movies from google. You have to do multiple things such as

  1. VPN For changing IP: This site is blocked by Govt in all major countries.
  2. uTorrent or BitTorrent: This site will just provide you torrent package. You have to need Utorrent for downloading movies through that torrent package.

In never used a torrent then learn here how to use a torrent.


This is my favorite site for downloading Hollywood movies. Not only movies you can also find the latest tv series.

1337x is another torrent site that mainly focuses on the entertainment world. It is one of the biggest libraries of movies.

Unlike other torrent sites, 1337x is designed neat & clean. I think this is the major reason why torrent lovers always download movies from this site.


As Bollywood grows, some companies see an opportunity on the internet. Hungama is a very old company and still isn’t popular.


Hungama mainly focuses on Indian content. This site isn’t free but it is very affordable. Hungama also has a big library of music as well.

To be honest with you I didn’t find any value in the Hungama subscription. Maybe you should use torrent or other streaming services.


Telegram started as a messaging app. However, very soon it turned into a source of free movies & web series.

Telegram is a nonprofitable organization that is made in India & very popular in India. Here you can join a channel (like he has a group on WhatsApp) where admins keep sharing movies & series links for downloading free.

Some of these admins do it to promote their own site. However, you can find many channels where the admin keeps sharing content just for fun.

In case, you are looking for a free source to get the latest movies then I highly recommend you to use telegram. The telegram app is available for both iPhone & Android users.

The only downside is you can’t stream. You have to download movies. This app is 100% free and does not serve you any ads.


Voot is mainly famous for watching big boss. However, as they are growing company also adding movies. You can also find tv shows in case you love Indian drama.

The downside of voot is paid subscription. However, I found it free and cheap. Only 499 for 1 year.


The Voot app is available for smartphones and iPhones. I feel like voot isn’t meant for everybody. It mainly targetting Indian woman who loves drama shows.

Still, it can be a great alternative to Einthusan.


As the Indian audience is growing online we are seeing tough competition in streaming services.

Sonyliv becomes very famous after launching Scam 1992 on their platform. But still, there is a shortage of content.


I will only recommend this sony liv if you prefer watching sony tv channels live. Otherwise, I don’t see any value in investing money in sony liv.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is the second most popular streaming service in India. Although it is new to streaming still there is a lot of content.

Prime Team is constantly adding new content. Is web series Mirzapur is quite popular.

Prime Video is very affordable only 1000 per year. I think the service is definitely worth the price.

Amazon Prime Video

A lot of users don’t know that with prime membership you also get special offers on amazon and music subscriptions as well.

The downside is sometimes I didn’t find the specific movies that I was looking for. So content needs to grow but for this price, I can recommend this service to anyone.


Indian Tv Channels also trying to grow in the internet world. Zee5 streaming service is from zee channels.

You can watch live stream tv and also have a big library of movies to watch at any time. As my previous recommendation, I will only recommend this if you love watching zee channels and somehow Tv is not an option.


YTS is another torrent-based site for downloading movies & tv series free. The only problem you will face is downloading movies needs a few extra steps.

Basically, for every torrent site, you have to turn on the VPN, Utorrent for downloading, etc. Basically these kinds of steps.

However, if you can do it, there is no movie that you can’t download. YTS is a very big source for movies.

If you are looking for a very famous movie you can easily find them on the pirate bay, but some underrated movies that are not popular can be found on this website.

Due to copyrights, yts keep changing its TLD. TLD is basically .com .net. Currently, you can access YTS by yts.ag


Zoogle is the google of the torrent. Kidding, but its name is inspired by Google. So basically this is the search engine of the torrent.

In other words, source to find paid things for free. Except for movies, you can download paid software, adult content, books, games and so many other useful things for free.

Zoogle isn’t very popular but still, it is a big source to download movies for free.


Kickass provides you with solid kickass content for free. Kickass is another torrent site for downloading digital media for free.

There isn’t a big difference between kickass and other torrent sites listed here. These are just different sites managed by different people for making money.

You can use any site that suits you. The content is the same but the design is a bit different.

This website is launched in 2008. It is available in 30 different languages including English.

Over 1 million visitors access it every day. So this is a reliable website or in other words kickass website.

Final Words

I hope you like these alternative sites to enthused. I tried to provide all kinds of websites.

Personally, I use Netflix, prime video & torrent. Mainly I depend upon Netflix for entertainment.

What is your choice, let me know in the comment section. If you have any questions or faced problems share my comment section. I’m here to help you.

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