How To Set DuckDuckGo Default Browser On iPhone 2024

Privacy is one of the main reasons why Apple sells so many iPhones. DuckDuckGo is a special search engine that doesn’t track you while browsing. DuckDuckGo Browser also takes care of privacy. If you are concern about your privacy then duckduckgo is a must for you.

In the IOS 14 apple finally, allow users to change the default search engine. In this blog post, I will show you step by step tutorial on how to set duckduckgo browser as the default browser.

Default browser means anytime you try to open a link through any other app it will open that website in the DuckDuckGo search engine.

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Here are the steps

  1. Install DuckDuckGo browser from the app store if you haven’t installed so far.
  2. After that go to Settings and scroll down until you don’t find DuckDuckGo.
DuckDuckgo app
  1. Once you find, tap on it. This will open new activity.
  2. Here tap on Default Browser App
Changing Default search engine
  1. In the next window tick DuckDuckGo as shown in the screenshot.
Duckduckgo & safari

That’s it. If you want to check the duckduckgo is your default browser or not then open any link through WhatsApp or any other app.

If that link is opened in any browser except DuckDuckGo then you did something wrong. You can restart your device because some settings take time to save.

DuckDuckGo Search Widget

You can also duck duck go widget on your home screen. Here are the steps for adding widget.

Hold your thumb on empty space for few seconds. It will show you + icon in the left corner. Tap on it.

adding widget to ios 14

After that click on the Duck duck go widget.

duckduckgo widget

It will ask what kind of widget you want. Only, search, search with favorites. Select whatever you like then click on Add widget.


it will add a widget on your screens as shown in the screenshot.

duckduckgo widget

Final Words

I hope you got value from this article. Definitely, privacy is big concern in 2024. That’s why apple IOS’s new update allows users to control app activity.

Duckduckgo’s popularity is increasing day by day. That’s because this browser doesn’t track any activity while browsing. It does not keep any history.

Anyway, I hope you got value from this article. If you have any questions or query then let me know by the comment section. I will happy to help you.

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