How To Detect Keylogger From Android Phone

android keylogger

Mobile phones are the most important part of daily life. Almost all work depends on smartphones. We store our passwords, emails, text messages, and others. On top of that, we all have bank accounts, Website passwords & other business information.

Hackers can steal this crucial information by hacking our smartphones. Once any hacker hacked the smartphone we can get all information. They do this using keylogger software.

In case you don’t know what is a keylogger or you already know but want to know how to remove from the android device in both cases you are on the right page.

What is a keylogger Actually?

Keylogger is the software that can record every keyword typed by the keyboard. It can send data to the hacker remotely throughout the internet connection.

Not only android but keylogger software are also available for Windows computers, mac, etc.

Imagine for a second that recording everything typed by the keyboard. Not only passwords, but it is also a massive loss of your privacy.

Installing a keylogger on an android phone remotely isn’t possible until unless an expert hacker attacks you. In most cases, it is installing by manually on the phone.

So if you are sure that there is a keylogger installed on your phone, someone unlocked your phone & installed it.

If you think I have uninstalled all suspicious apps, let me tell you that keylogger can hide easily.

5 Signs Of Keylogger

  1. Battery life issues  

We know that our phones use battery very quickly Because apps run in the background. But if your phone goes down very quickly, compared to usual. Then it is a sign that your phone has a keylogger.

It happens because keylogger software works in the background. As we know that background running apps use our battery. So, It also uses our battery life and decreases battery life.

Battery can drain fast for any reason as well but if you are seeing a drastic change then something is wrong.

  1. Check Phone Accessibility

To Function any spy app properly it needs the permission of in the accessibility service. Generally, to function phones properly we don’t need to enable any service. If you have a third party then it a different case.

Check if you found any unknown accessibility service. Chances are high that your phone has a keylogger if you found one.

  1. poor performance

Another sign of keylogger is poor performance. Your phone will start lagging. The reason for that is because the keylogger works in the background. So it uses system resources all the time. That decreases the phone performance.

  1. Heating issues 

As we know, almost all android phones have heating issues. But If your phones getting hot in a very short period of time then you have to worry about that. Because it also a sign that your phone has a keylogger.

Phones get hot on running multiple apps. A quick that you can perform is, Close all background apps and check if your phone still heating then keylogger is the house.

  1. Reboot 

Most of the time we ignore phone rebooting. But if it is happening often then something wrong with your phone. Now it always doesn’t mean that your phone has a keylogger. There could be several reasons behind it. Having a Malware app is one of them.

How To Remove Keylogger From Android Phone

  1. Reset Your Phone

The easiest way is to reset your smartphone. It will erase everything. But don’t forget to keep backup of important files before you press the reset button.

There is no chance that Keylogger will be left on your phone. If you are still facing the same problems that I mentioned above it means something wrong with your phone.

For most of us, Media Files & WhatsApp chat is important for us. Google Photos is the best way to backup multimedia files. For WhatsApp, you can store chat on Google drive then restore.

  1. Finding Keylogger Manually

Finding Keylogger manually can pain in the ass. But if you can’t reset phone for any reason then there is way of finding & deleting keylogger manually.

Go to Settings→App→Running. Here you will find all process that are working in the background.

You have to view every process manually to get more information about it. Also, check the app’s permission.

If you found something suspicious then hit the uninstall button.

  1. Is Your Keyboard Odd?

Some new & free keylogger has a keyword. That can record every keystroke. But unlike others, it doesn’t send data. So if you notice that the layout of the keyword is changed. But you didn’t change it then chances that the current keyboard is a keylogger

Don’t Waste Time With This Methods

Please don’t waste your time with any of the following method.

  1. Antivirus

One of the useless app in your smartphone is the antivirus app. Seriously these apps never work. Actually I have installed a virus on my phone while in the presence of antivirus.

All the antivirus show me that App is safe.

Following Ways Can Attract A Keylogger

  1. Link text

Are you getting links in random text messages? If yes, don’t click on the links and delete those messages immediately. It is also a way to seal all information that your phone has.

  1. Third-party apps 

We all use third-party apps that are not necessary to use. These third-party apps are another way to install keyloggers on our phones. Use default apps or software if it is possible. If you need to use third-party apps & Softwares, Then must use trusted apps & Softwares.


In my option, We should stay away from third-party apps and Softwares. Also, we should use your default apps & Softwares. Furthermore, Don’t use third party keywords apps because these all not safe for our information.

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