Denzel Washington refuses to participate in Disney’s “Woke Cinematic Universe”

Denzel Washington recently disclosed that he turned down a key role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By taking on this role, he could earn $30  million, but he didn’t like his role as a “Woke” in the storyline.

Washington claimed that he was approached for the role of a major character who would be revealed to be secretly gay, and the concept did not interest him. 

He declined to say which character he had been offered, but the Marvel staff has narrowed it down to either Thanos or Groot. But later, they stated that it was not any of those characters. 

It was impossible to identify which superhero it had been because Marvel has a huge roster of them. Even the possibility of a romantic relationship between Agent Carter and Black Widow has been suggested by some fans. 

According to Washington, taking part in what he sees as “woke” storylines is not something he is interested in. He thinks that his skill is better suited to movies with award-winning potential, like his performance in “Remember the Titans”. 

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