David McCallum of “NCIS” shares pictures of his eight grandchildren, who he says are “in awe” of their “sniper” grandmother.

When he’s not battling crime on a highly regarded TV program, David McCallum is a proud grandpa. His path to becoming a grandfather, however, was not without difficulty because of his marital problems. McCallum has had two marriages. Three children were born to him and Jill Ireland through their first union.

"NCIS" David McCallum shares pictures of his eight grandchildren

After experiencing a miscarriage, the couple adopted their son, Jason, and then naturally brought Paul and Val into the world.

For a while, they had a happy marriage, but sadly, it ended when Ireland had an extramarital relationship with thespian Charles Bronson. McCallum asserted that he did not despise Bronson for sleeping with his wife.

He stated that although it was challenging—primarily because they had three kids—he and Ireland were able to resolve their differences amicably. McCallum knew Bronson, another actor, but he didn’t let it keep him down for long; shortly after, he wed again.

The former “NCIS” actor wed Katherine Carpenter for a second time. During their marriage, McCallum and Carpenter received two children. Peter and Sophie are their names, and they are very pleased of them. They created a lovely existence together and are still in love.

David McCallum of "NCIS" shares pictures of his eight grandchildren

In 2022, 54 years after they first got married, Carpenter and McCallum are still in love. Between his five offspring from his two marriages and his eight grandchildren, Carpenter has become a grandfather. He has frequently expressed his love for his grandchildren and how much he loves being a grandfather.

McCallum was devastated by the loss of Jason, who died tragically early from a drug overdose. McCallum experienced a prolonged time of mourning following the passing of his son, as he shared:

“The loss of a kid is never easy to accept. Although the pain is very real, it behaves more like a soreness that transforms into rage.

David McCallum shares pictures of his grandchildren

In one of McCallum’s most trying periods, his younger son was adopted, and the two got along well until Jason’s untimely passing. A young lady got in touch with McCallum after Jason passed away to share some happy news.

McCallum was informed by the young lady that Tory was her son, born to her and Jason. Tory has been welcomed by the actor and his family, and McCallum has said he hopes the boy will grow up to be the kind of guy his father was before he passed away.

Peter, his son from his second marriage, works in advertising, and Sophie, his daughter, previously worked in real estate. Sophie gave up her real estate job to start and raise a family.


With their shared five offspring, McCallum and Carpenter are now the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren. McCallum prefers the nicknames “Granddaddy” or “Grandducky” from the kids because he thinks “Grandpa” sounds too elderly.

McCallum asserted that he is not elderly and should not be referred to in a way that would give the impression that he is. He besottes his grandkids and never thinks twice to share pictures with them, despite his pleas to them not to make him appear old.

Despite not having a profile on the well-known photo-sharing app Instagram, McCallum shares pictures of his grandkids on his Facebook page. Each of them receives compliments from admirers.

One of these unique events was the sixth birthday of his grandchild, which he commemorated in 2016. McCallum shared a picture of the young guy drinking through a straw while donning round glasses. He stated that the young boy’s sixth birthday was when the picture was taken.

While special occasions call for pictures of his grandkids alone, there are other occasions when everyone in the family should be included in the picture. One of them took place on the day McCallum became a resident of the US.

McCallum was born in the UK and only acquired US citizenship later in life. His grandkids bought him some sweets to commemorate the anniversary of this event, and they all gathered around a round table to celebrate while everyone munched on the sweets.

McCallum publishes a lot of pictures and frequently provides a text that describes the subject of the image. However, there are some images that can convey the love and happiness shared in the time without the need for a caption.

Early in 2019, McCallum shared one such picture. In it, McCallum is seated alongside three of his grandkids as well as three additional unnamed adults. Each individual in the picture has a contented expression, displaying love and happiness.

McCallum disclosed that he has two girl grandkids who live nearby and six boy grandchildren who reside in New York. Even though his grandkids reside on various coasts, he frequently visits them all. He laughed:

“So that I can keep the boys and girls straight, I keep them on separate coasts.

He added that he thinks it’s funny that one of his grandchildren nicknames him “Grandducky,” but he is ultimately happy and proud to be a grandfather.

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