Dad Twisted Baby’s Genitals, Stuck Fingers Down His

Despite the toxic relationship, she stayed with him out of fear of being alone.

Consequently, their 7 month old son, Oskar Jobey-Kennedy, was killed by his father, Kane Kennedy, aged twenty, who cruelly picked up the infant by his genitals. 

This tragedy highlights why it is often difficult to leave a bad situation and how detrimental staying in a harmful environment can be.

Kennedy mercilessly grabbed his son’s throat with a sharp pinch and twist. The paramedics were called to the home where they found Oskar unresponsive – only two months after Tia Jobey, 19 – Oskar’s mother – had argued with Kennedy about cannabis use. 

Dad Twisted Baby's Genitals, Stuck Fingers Down His

To everyone’s despair, shortly after arriving at Royal Lancaster Infirmary, he died due to smothering.

Oskar's mother - had argued with Kennedy about cannabis use. 

Kennedy’s anxiety and fear mounted when he was unable to acquire marijuana. 

In the courtroom, his messages with Jobey were revealed – one of which warned that Oskar wasn’t safe in their home due to all their disputes. 

Surprisingly, the jury saw beyond Kennedy’s attempt to blame Jobey for Oskar’s death and completely disregarded it. 

Consequently, she pleaded guilty to causing or allowing the injury to a child and received her sentence: 30 months at an institution dedicated to young offenders.

Upon examination, Oskar was found to have sustained multiple traumatic injuries and 13 distinct abrasions on his neck and face.

Dad Twisted Baby's Genitals, Stuck Fingers

May our beloved little Oskar rest in peace.

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