Dad Was Trolled Online For Leashing His 5-Year-Old Kids, Saying, “They Are Humans, Not Dogs”

Anyone who has ever brought a young kid out in public will attest to how much of a circus it can be. Nothing causes more anxiety than attempting to control a child whose only goal is to go somewhere that you are not (lord bless them.)

So you take the necessary steps to contain them and safeguard them.

Sometimes doing so requires adopting the one-handed death hold, securing the child in a stroller, or using a little more…ingenuity.

A viral film shows Kentucky father-of-five Jordan Driskell tying up his 5-year-old children as they visit an aquarium.

dad Trolled Online For Leashing His Kids

Driskell posted the video last year, but it is only now going viral on the internet. He and his wife Briana are the parents of the quintuplets Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin.

Driskell is seen “walking” his offspring in THE VIDEO.

The children are all donning animal-themed BACKPACKS WITH TETHERS.

Set to Doja Cat’s hilarious rendition of “You ain’t nothing but a canine, playa,” Driskell titled the five-second clip as follows:


It has received a whopping 3 million views, 175 thousand likes, and 5,000 comments since being uploaded.

A DAD’S GOTTA DO WHAT A DAD’S GOTTA DO, is all I can add as a father.

I salute this father. He had FIVE children and was out by himself. FIVE. Clearly outnumbered, he was. I have twin sons. It was like attempting to herd cats when they were young.

(Whose joking, it still is that way.) They repel each other in a clear opposite way as if they were both the north ends of magnets. I would have used a tether if I had one.

Dad Was Trolled Online For Leashing His 5-Year-Old Kids, Saying, "They Are Humans, Not Dogs"

I don’t see anything wrong with taking measures to protect your kids and keep them from acting like the wild Tasmanian demons they can be when high on drugs. The children also don’t seem to notice.

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