Story of the day: Dad takes the disabled daughter to the prom, later discovered a $10,000 check for “Dad of the Year” in the mailbox.

Someone from the funeral called the 17-year-old girl Molly who was crying over the death of her mother and said “ hey look, Molly, your dad is here”. Daisy’s ex-husband and Molly’s father divorced ten years ago. Because Daisy thought Danny was involved in drinking and partying in pubs. Since the divorce, Daisy told terrible things to Molly about her father and kept her away from him but she missed their father-daughter connection. And now things were going to change for her. 

Danny placed the wreath on her ex-wife’s coffin and hugged molly “hey, sweetheart!”. Danny was a truck driver and someone asked him “ Sir, is that your truck? Do you mind moving it? It is blocking half of the parking”

“Yes, that is my truck. I’ve just met my daughter. Just give me a second. Hope you understand. Thank you!”. Danny and Molly never met each other since she was seven. He just provided all the expenses of her daughter through child support during all these years.

After the funeral, Danny started packing Molly’s stuff and said she is going with her. “But why, dad? I can’t leave this house. Mom and I lived here. It’s filled with our memories.” 

At the age of six, Molly got a limp in her leg that lead to a wheelchair and crutches. Danny knew he could not leave molly alone in this condition. So he took Molly to his house. Even though he never saw her growing but he tried his best to take care of Molly. He vacated his bed for Molly and watched online videos to braid her hair and tackle other things. But that wasn’t enough. He kept disappearing every night when Molly fell asleep and never told her where was he going. Molly started doubting him like her mother, that he was involved in loitering with his friends. 

One day, Molly heard the announcement from her teacher about prom day. She asked other boys if they wanted to dance with her on prom day. But they scolded her about her condition and laughed at her. Molly came home crying and saw that the door was closed. She saw a note tucked behind the plant “The keys are under the pot. I will be back soon. See ya! Dad.” 

Molly recalled what her mother used to say about her dad’s strange habits. She cooked herself pasta and left some of it on the table. Then she started crying laying on her bed “If only I was normal, I wouldn’t be the odd one out. I would have found a date for the prom.” Danny entered the home and heard Molly crying. “What happened, darling? Why are you crying?”. Molly told him about the whole incident at the school.  I don’t want to go to the prom, daddy! I want to be alone! Goodnight!” and turned her back pretending to fall asleep.

The next day, Danny brought Molly a beautiful prom dress and told her to get ready. He was taking her to the prom. All the seniors and parents were gathered around the hall when they heard the loud screeching roar of the truck. Danny jumped down from the truck and pushed the wheelchair. He danced with Molly syncing with every melody of the music. She felt overjoyed and forget about her disability all at once. After the dance, Molly exclaimed to her friends “My dad is my real superhero. I love him. I feel blessed and proud to say I’m his daughter”.

Everyone flocked around Danny and started praising him. He interacted with them and told them that he has to disappear in the evenings and nights because he is doing two jobs to collect all the money for her daughter’s operation. After Molly was diagnosed with the disability, when every doctor said that she would never be able to walk, only one doctor assured him that she could walk again. So I stopped partying and started doing two jobs. Daisy started mistrusting him and split up. And he kept his focus on collecting money for her daughter’s immediate cure. 

When returning home, he could never get Daisy’s taunts from his head. Little did he know, he was going to get a surprise this morning. After he came home in the morning, he saw a package in the mailbox. “A parcel?? Who sent it?” he wondered and read the card on it “Dad of the Year!”. Danny found a check for $10,000 with a note. 

“Dear Danny, we hope this will improve your daughter’s life. Good luck with her surgery, we hope now you spend more time with her in the evenings. Your Prom Buddies!”

He realized it was from the parents he met last night. He told the good news to Molly. She laughed, “Really? My God, Daddy, This is unbelievable!”

Danny quit his second job and got Molly’s surgery. It was successful and she was able to walk with crutches and a wheelchair. He spend all his time with Molly and taught her cooking, dancing, cycling, and running. She got a scholarship to study architecture in another state, so they moved out and never look back. 

Lesson from the story:

Parents’ love for their children is unconditional. Danny never stopped trying for her daughter. He worked two jobs in a row, and got her surgery done. He took her to the prom when everyone denied dancing with her. Such fathers are a superhero and inspirations for everyone. Share this story with your friends and family. It might inspire them and make their day better. 

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