Compress Photos in Android Using Apps, WhatsApp & Websites

Android is the most popular operating system for the mobile industry. With its incredible Features. If you are an Android smartphone user and looking for how to compress images.

You come to Right Place. In this article, I will show different-different techniques to compress an Image. No matter Either you want to compress images for sending email, for your website, etc.

I will also  show how to compress images without any App

Best Android Apps to Compress Images

Compress Image Size in kb & MB

This is a Perfect App to Compress Images for those who want to compress images at a specific size. No doubt it takes some time to compress images.

compress photos

But there is no alternative to this if you want to compress images at a specific size. You chose your picture than type size in kb or Mb and start the process

Rest of work app will do (It will take more than 1 minute).

Over 1 million total downloading and 4.5 Rating by 17k users Tells apps do work very well.

Photo Compress

if you want a faster way of compressing images then you can try this. Using photo compress you can compress multiple photos at once.

Another simple functions like scale and rotate photos to enhance app functionality. This best thing It does not contain any ads.

Photo compress 2.0 Ad free 

Like the above app, this is also an ad-free app. But this is really advance app. I mean using this you can Either use quick or custom compress.

Resize and Crop also available.

This app has an inbuilt camera. You can instantly take photos and then do your process.

This app has total 1,000,000+ installs.

Image compress

Using this app you can compress 10 photos at once. Apart from this Resize and crop also available. Unlike the above two apps, it runs ads to make money.

App Rating also not good as compare to other apps. Most of the app user complain about UI is not friendly. I will not recommend you to use this app.

Photo & Picture Resizer

I this is one of the best apps in resize or reduce size. The app is rated 4.5 by 107,115 users. UI is very friendly you will enjoy while editing.

Direct share option makes it easy sharing after editing.

For Resizing there are pre-made demissions like 1024*683, 1280*853 are available or you can use custom size.

This app has an inbuilt camera to take photos instantly.

Use Whatsapp to compress photos

Do you know using whatsapp you can compress photos?

First of all, create a second whatsapp account using parrel space 

  • Send photo videos from one number to another
  • Download it from the second account
  • Your task complete, see the size of the photo as given in screenshot I send 223 kb image which will become to 85 kb after sending

proof of compress image

Tip: If you don’t want to use dual WhatsApp then send it to your friend and say him to send you again.

Best websites to compress photos.

Here is my recommendation of websites to compress images


open the website as shown in the screenshot.image diamond photo compression webiste

After that click on chose File and select your image. This website support both png and jpeg images.

You can also compress multiple images at once by using add more button.

After that click compress button.

Next page is about selecting Quality. You can increase and decrease Quality. It also shows you the size of the image. By Default It compresses images upto 50%. You can decrease or increase it.

After selecting Quality click on Download Link.
compress image


I hope you have learned something new from this article. Using the comment box you can share your views, the suggestion about this article.

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