How to Compress jpeg image size to 100kb

Do you jpeg image files but for some reason, you want to compress it under 100kb.

On the internet, there are many compression websites and software available but all of them use compression scale.

Sometimes we have to fill the important form online where the image size is fixed should be less than 100kb.

But don’t worry you don’t need to compress jpeg image again and again for setting to your desired size. Here I have a simple solution for you.

How to compress jpeg under 100kb

First, go to the website image diamond home page

Next, click on Compress by Size as shown in the screenshot

compress by size

Now select your image you can drag & drop or you can click on that dialog box and select your image as shown in the screenshot.selecting image

After that It will take time to upload it depends upon image size and your internet connection. Generally it take less than 4 seconds.

When upload process is complete You will photo thumbnail Click it will open a module next step on imagediamond

When you click on under 100kb button It will download image that size is less than 100kb. You can also use other buttons like 50kb, 200kb.

How it works: It will check size until it is not less than selected button size. For example you select 100kb button so it will first it will compress if size is 102 kb then it will again apply same operation until it is not less than 100 kb.

If you think that you will get exactly 100 kb image then it is impossible

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