How To Find Jio Number Without The Jio App

Jio is an Indian network company. That is launched in 2015. But nowadays it is a very popular company in India and most of the people are using their sims in their mobile phones.

It gets success because of their cheap plans and with their great idea. In 2015, it is giving the cheapest data and calling it to its customers.

As we know, today’s life internet is very important for every person. Because we also half of the work with help of the internet and technology.

But because of technology, we are getting lazy in our works. Even we didn’t remember our own number. But if you one of us. Then Will tell you, how you can know your jio sim number with simple steps.

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How You Can Find Your Jio Number With The Message

The first way to find your jio number without the jio app is to send a message on the jio care number. And you will get a message from the jio campany. In that message you will get infromation about your plan and with your jio number.

Step to send message to jio care

  • First, open the messaging app on your mobile phone
  • Click on the plus button or create a new message
  • Enter 199 in the recipient or contact 
  • Type “MYPLAN” and send a message 

Note: I added ***( stars) to hide my number so you can see here your number.

In a few minutes, you will get a message from the jio company. You can see your jio number and plan details in this message.

How To Find Jio Number Using Call

There are two method to know your jio number with a call. One way needs balance in your jio sim and one doesn’t need balance. Read both steps down here.

First method:

  • Dial 198 on your mobile phone
  • Then you can talk to customer care & get details 

Second method:

  • Call someone (who is near you)
  • Now you can see your number on his mobile screen

These two simples will helps you to check your jio number without the jio app.

Find Your Jio Number By The Jio App

The last way is the Jio app. As we know that Jio has its own app. That will helps you in lots of ways like, First you can check your number, balance, your plans, daily data usage, all jio plans, jio savan music, jio cinema, and many more things.

Note: I added ***( stars) to hide my number so you can see here your number

How to check Jio number in Jio

  • Download the jio app (if you don’t have)
  • Open login or sign up in the jio app
  • On top, you can see your jio sim number

My Words On This Article 

I think you should use the jio app. Because the jio app has lots of benefits. It gives us information about our mobile plans that we really want in our daily life. As well as, it tells about new plans.

Furthermore, you can save your jio number on your smartphone. Moreover, you can send your number on WhatsApp to any number where you can find it easily. On the other hand, you can save in the note where you can get your number in an easy way.

If you have any questions related to the article. Then you can ask in the comment section we will reply as soon as possible.

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