Celine Dion Says Her Marriage To Husband Rene Was Complete Because He Was The Only Man She Ever kissed.

Their partnership is evidence that traditional romance is the ideal approach to dating.

The longest-lasting marriage was that of Celine Dion and her late spouse, Canadian music producer Rene Angelil.

The singer was so certain of her affection for him, even though she was young when they got married and even younger when they first met, that she never left her husband’s side until his passing.

For some people, having this kind of connection might be the fulfillment of a lifelong fantasy, but for Dion, it was just how she lived—effortlessly and naturally.

Celine Dion Says Her Marriage To Husband Rene Was Complete Because He Was The Only Man She Ever kissed.

Angelil lost his fight with pharynx cancer in January 2016, leaving behind his wife and three kids. Although it ended their 21-year marriage, the singer’s love for her late spouse never faded.

Although Dion was only a 12-year-old hopeful artist and Angelil was 38 when they first met, they did not feel a strong attraction to one another until much later.

In the truest and purest sense, they were each other’s man and woman. Dion had never kissed anyone else in her life besides her husband, which is presumably why her passion and love for him haven’t diminished.a

It was extremely challenging for all of us prior to his departure, Dion said to CBS News in October 2016. “To watch the love of my life die a little more each day, for me particularly, and for my kids.

And when he went, I felt a little bit of relief knowing that the only guy I had ever kissed and loved was gone.

Yeah. In my entire existence, I never kissed another man. So I was with my partner, the guy of my life, and we were one. As soon as he ceased hurting, I told myself that he was fine. And he should not endure pain.

Because she is still so young, she was questioned about her desire to experience romantic affection in the future.

She responded, “Not right now. Unh-uh. I adore. I adore. I cherish him. I still have feelings for him.

I also have my children’s affection. I am loved by my followers. The individuals I work with are wonderful. Therefore, love is present in my existence, she said.

I go to sleep and assume that you’re there with me, a song by Sia, says, “However. And I join him in bed. Along with him, I enter the platform. Therefore, I am still his wife.

The one thing that virtually makes the My Heart Will Go On singer the embodiment of true love is the fact that she is still deeply in love with her late husband after all these years.

She had enabled her love and passion for her life, her children, and her art to grow as a result of his memories. Even now, she still has a smile on her face and a glint in her eyes whenever she speaks about him.

Celine Dion says her marriage to Rene completed because he was the only man she ever kissed

The mother-of-three confirmed what she had said earlier in an interview with Andy Cohen in November 2019 and demonstrated that love truly has no expiration date. “I do not go on dates, and I am not dating anyone.

Great if I do discover someone. Great if I don’t, “She admitted it. “Because once you’re so deeply in love, like I still am… RenĂ© has been a part of me all my life and he still is. Every day, I see him through the eyes of my kids.

I have a great passion for living. I’m incredibly fortunate to have my three stunning kids.”

Her relationship with Angelil will go down in history as one of the most inspiring ones, despite the fact that many of her fans and admirers would want their adored celebrity to remarry.

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