Eight years ago, these blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands of internet users

It is certainly difficult to believe that an Afro-American couple would have children who have brown skin and blue eyes. Almost exactly this is how their twins turned out to be. Morgan has one blue eye and one dark brown eye, whereas one of the twins, Megan, has two blue eyes!

The twins’ blue eyes weren’t born out of nowhere; they were inherited. One of their uncles and a great-grand aunt had one blue and one brown eye, although their mother and grandfather had two blue eyes each. Although the latter may seem strange, an eye doctor says they are typical.

Eight years ago, these blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands of internet users

Following the posting of their pictures on social media, the mom’s Instagram account has gained close to 126,000 admirers who are enthralled by the images of the little girls.

Megan and Morgan Boyd are genuine tiny online stars who have already piqued the interest of apparel companies due to their natural skill as models.

The girls’ fame will allow Neon Kisses, a company that makes apparel for ladies and kids, to profit from it by using them as models. The twins, who are 8 years old, do enjoy posing for photos.

these blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands of internet users

The Boyd sisters are nearly identical in terms of skin tone, body type, and fashion sense with one exception: Morgan has one set of blue eyes and one set of brown eyes.

Yes, both of the young girls got their mother Stephanie’s icy blue eyes, but Morgan has heterochromia, a disorder that accounts for the variation in hue between her two eyes.

Heterochromia is a rare disorder in humans, according to the Canadian Medical Journal Association; it typically affects more animals, such as cats, dogs, and horses of particular breeds.

It is typically benign and harmless, and the only distinguishing feature of the affected person’s iris is a distinct coloring.

In fact, the amount of melanin in the iris determines its color, and both its quantity and concentration are often influenced by genetic and physiological factors.

These blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands proples

This condition isn’t a disability; some of Hollywood’s most well-known stars have it. Robert Downey Jr., Jane Seymour, and Kate Bosworth are among them, which only serves to highlight the young Morgan’s enormous potential.

blue-eyed black twins girls

According to the magazine Attractive Trends Today, the Boyd sisters are not an exception to this pattern.

Their appearance on the networks has drawn hundreds of fans’ attention, particularly that of celebrities who haven’t hesitated to share the girls’ photos with their communities.

In fact, according to their mother, fans who want to see for themselves these network stars with such deep blue eyes frequently approach her children on the street.

Yet, she tries to protect her daughters by establishing vital boundaries that she does not permit anybody to breach.

These young girls are not at all victims of their success; on the contrary, they are not at bit awed by it. The twins have always loved the spotlight, according to their mother and aunt Ebony Morris.

Their ease in front of the camera is evident in their images, which only serves to further fan admiration.

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