Best MTU For PS4 2024: Everything You Need To Know

If you recently bought ps4 or you just start exploring ps4 settings recently. And you somehow came to the concept of MTU and wondering what it is exactly then you are on the right page.

Whatever the scenario is in this article you are going to learn everything about MTU in ps4.

What is MTU, ideal value, how to change it, and everything in between.

A funny thing is most gamers have absolutely no idea about MTU value. Still, they alter the value without understanding what it truly means.

It is like pressing the refresh button by right click on pc. You might think it can make your computer fast but it isn’t.  

After this, you don’t need to make another search on google about MTU. 

If you have a hard time understanding a specific concept then let me know by the comment section.

What is MTU4 Exactly?

MTU stands for Maximum transmission unit. It is basically the size of the largest protocol data unit that can be communicated.

The bigger the number means faster speed. However, it also leads to excessive heat. On another side, a small number can lead to a delay in speed.

That’s why it is important to come with a good number. For ps4 MTU default size 1500.

It means only 1500 bits of data can be communicated at once. We know that 1500 bits is a small number that’s data is divided into packets.

Then all packets are combined to represent the data to us.  

You have seen that some gamers change the MTU size to a lower value for faster speed.

The funny thing is most gamers don’t know what does MTU means however they have seen others doing it that’s why they also alter the value.

Lowering the value means small data packets. You must be thinking it should slow the speed.

It should and it will if you change it to lower. However, Sometimes data packets can’t travel for any facts for example speed.

So when you lower the value it can one packet can travel at a much faster speed. That’s why instead of delay you get a smooth experience while playing games.

Should You Change the MTU Value?

If you are not facing any problem then you should not change the value. However, if your game is lagging then you can try changing the value.

So why is the PS4 having an issue with 1500 now?

There are could be various reasons however some people think that servers might take these packets as attacks and shut them down.

Hope sony will fix it soon, but until then you try alter values.

What is the ideal value Of MTU?

You have seen some gamers prefer 1473 or 1480. Let me tell you upfront there is no ideal value. It depends upon network speed, packets size, server, etc.

The ideal value for your game can be only calculated after trial and error.

You can start with these values (1473, 1480)

How to Change MTU Value in ps4

For changing the MTU value you have to reset your internet connection.

If you want to alter the value so you can get a hassle-free experience then here are steps for you that need to follow.

Open the Network settings on your PS4

Click on the setup internet connection. It will ask for LAN or WiFi

setup internet connection

On the next screen, you need to select WiFi or Lan.

ps4 mtu value

In the next screen, choose custom. Do not go with easy.

After this, it will ask for the IP address settings. Make sure you choose Automatic as shown in the screenshot.

Ip address settings

Next, it will ask for the DHCP Hostname. Make sure you choose Do not specify.

ps4 mtu value

For the DNS settings make sure you choose Automatic.

After DNS settings it will ask for the MTU value. Do not choose automatic, go with Manual.

Choosing manual mtu value

It will show you an input field where you can type the MTU value. As I mentioned earlier that there is no perfect value. However, you can start with 1473 that is quite popular among gamers.

MTU value

After typing your value click on Next.

After that, it will ask for the proxy server. I have chosen Do not use.

Other than this, you can try a fast network to improve your gaming experience.

Final Words

Gaming is one of the best entertainment sources. Lagging can disturb the whole entertainment.

I hope changing MTU value will fix the error that you are facing. 

Or you got answered to your questions. If you still are in doubt then let me know by the comment section. I will happy to answer your questions.

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