An Adorable Baby Who Was Born Without Nose

Timothy Eli Thompson was an adorable 1 in 10 billion babies. He was born with a rare condition named Congenital Arhinia that has astonished the medical industry. It is a rare disorder where the baby is born without a nose. Eli Thompson is the son of Brandi and Troy Thompson. They were not aware of the disease of their son before the delivery. 

An Adorable Baby Who Was Born Without Nose

At the birth of Eli, his parents Troy and Brandi were surprised to see their adorable baby didn’t have a nose. A surgical process was done to help the baby breathe better, and he will undergo further surgeries in the future. Doctors instruct Eli’s parents that he needs close monitoring. So they have to keep an eye on him.

An Adorable Baby

The pictures of baby boy Eli went viral on Facebook but were banned at first conceiving that it was violating Facebook’s community standards or advertising policies. Later on, they were restored after cross-examination.

Baby Who Was Born Without Nose

Eli Thompson was born on 4th March 2015 and rushed to the USA children’s and Women’s Hospital. He was born without a nose, and doctors gave him a tracheotomy to help him eat without struggling to breathe. The baby knew how to overcome his disability and struggled a bit initially.

Baby Born Without Nose

There was another baby Tessa whose parents cleared the misinformation of Congenital Arhinia. Her parents are condemning medical misinformation that says babies born with this disorder have poor physical and mental abilities. 

An Adorable Baby

Insurance pays for some medical costs of the rare Congenital Arhinia disease. Brandi McGlathery says, “they don’t know what treatments work, and they are skeptical of reconstruction surgery because it’s cosmetic.”

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