Best 6 Aptitude App For Engineering Students

Around 99% of people are using smartphones in the whole world. But almost all people use mobile phones for social media, take pictures, play games, listen to music and watch movies. 

Whereas, there are fewer percents of people, who use mobile phones for getting knowledge. But smartphones give us more than that. We can use phones to clear competitive exams. 

In this article, we will provide a list of the six best aptitude apps for engineering students. We describe every app and try to give in-depth detail about the application.

Let’s begin with the list and first application.

Best Aptitude App For Engineering Students

Pocket Aptitude

This application provides six modes for preparation. Each mode carries sub-modes. The first study mode has 30 sub-modes. and you get several questions in sub-modes.

Pocket Aptitude
Pocket Aptitude

The second mode is a test mode. In this, you can see 15 Practice tests, and each test displays 15 questions. The Video mode and training modes contain videos & training tests, respectively. 

Furthermore, the Challenge mode has levels to do, and the Quantz quiz has questions to do. 

Aptitude Interview Questions

The aptitude Interview Questions application has a straightforward interface. On the home screen, you can see 18 sections. First, ten units are simple sections and contain easy questions. 

Aptitude Interview Questions
Aptitude Interview Questions

The last eight sections are the practice section which is full the practice questions. So, you can get knowledge from the first ten sections and other use as a test.

Aptitude & LR Test

Aptitude & LR Test application is for beginners. Because this app has three types of quizzes, the first sky blue quiz is an easy quiz, the green one is an average quiz, and the last one is the intricate level quiz.

You can see four aptitude mix set options below the hard quiz. Below this section, you can get five types of icons that help to gain more knowledge. These icons update their content whenever you change the aptitude mix set. 

Aptitude & LR Test
Aptitude & LR Test

The first icon has videos that are uploaded on their youtube channel. Videos provide more information about aptitude. The second and third collect solved examples and questions.

The last two have formulas in PDF and categories. That all are related to aptitude and logical reasoning. 


IndiaBix is the best Aptitude App For Engineering. Because it covers almost every category that an Engineer student needs, there are 11 sections with sub-sections. 


List of categories and Subcategories

General Attitude 

  • Arithmetic Aptitude 
  • Data Interpretation 
  • Online Aptitude Test 
  • Data Interpretation Test 

Verbal and Reasoning 

  • Verbal Ability 
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning 

Current Affairs & GK

  • Current Affairs 
  • Basic General Knowledge 
  • General Science 
  • Inventions 
  • World Geography 
  • Many More 

Online Tests 

  • Aptitude Test 
  • Verbal Ability Test
  • Logical Reasoning Test 
  • C Programming Test
  • Java Programming Test
  • Many More


  • Placement Papers 
  • Group Discussion 
  • HR Interview 
  • Technical Interview
  • Body Language
  • Many More


  • Sudoku
  • Numbers Puzzles 
  • Missing Letters Puzzles 
  • Logical Puzzles 
  • Clock Puzzles


  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering


  • C Programming 
  • C++ Programming 
  • C# Programming 
  • Java Programming 

Technical MCQs

  • Networking Questions 
  • Database Questions 
  • Basic Electronics 
  • Digital Electronics 
  • Technical Drawing 
  • Many More

Technical short Answers

  • Software Testing 
  • Data structures 
  • The C language Basics 
  • SQL Server
  • Networking 
  • Core Java 
  • Many More

Medical/ Science

  •  Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemical Engineering

These categories and subcategories are available in this application.

In these sub-sections, you will see more categories that contain tons of questions & answers. This application collects almost every single topic that you need. But if anything is missing or you can’t find it in this application. Then you can use the given search to find your problem.

Aptitude Master

This application has a straightforward and beautiful interface. As you open this app, you can see categories divided into ten boxes. 

The Practice and test categories have five subcategories like aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal, general knowledge, and engineering. In the practice section, you can read about these given topics, and you have to give the test from these topics in the test section.

Aptitude Master

The next four sections, Online quizzes, Attempted tests, learn concepts, and important tips, help you get more knowledge about aptitude tests. These sections need internet connections so that you will get updated content in these parts.

Resume categories have more than 30 Remume simples to get a better idea, How to make a perfect resume. If you save any questions from the up-given sections, you can find them easily in the Saved questions section.

At the 9th position, you will find the ranking category that contains the whole record that you process in the application. The last section is Placement Material. You can see the material on C programming, C++ programming, Java Programming, ABB, Wipro, Etc in this section. 

GATE (Maths+Aptitude)

On the home screen, you can see six categories, GATE info, pre-GATE, mathematics, Aptitude, linear algebra, and score history.

GATE Info has the necessary information to read like the Introduction, Basic features, Important dates, Zonewise list of exam cities, etc.

The second category has info about the app, Gate, syllabus, reference books, etc. The first two sections are to get the basic knowledge that is a necessity for you.

GATE (Maths+Aptitude)
GATE (Maths+Aptitude)

Mathematics and Aptitude provide you with useful information. Mathematics and Aptitude have sub-sections like Mechanical Engineering, Computer science & information technology, Civil engineering, Electronics & communication engineering, and Electrical Engineering. These sections cover necessary information, Mathematics, and Aptitude.

The fifth section is linear Algebra. This section provides you with information about Linear Algebra definitions, determinants, operations, inverse, trace, Eigenvalues & vectors, and rank. 

The last score history section gives you information about your activities in this application.


These are the best Aptitude apps for engineering students. We try to cover all information that the application provides. So you can easily decide which one is better for you. 

I hope this article is useful for you. Still, you have questions or queries for us. Please leave a comment in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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