7 Dishes You Must Try  From  Around The World

In this article, we have told about these 7 dishes that are very popular in the world. Whenever we visit a country, we must eat the famous dishes that people love to eat in that place. Touring a place and enjoying its delicious food, we make our tour enjoyable. By going to the beautiful places there. This way we make our journeys more beautiful. Foods of different countries have their own distinct and different taste. We will tell about these 7 foods that people like to eat all over the world.

1. Sushi (Japan)

Sushi (Japan)

Whenever we plan to go to Japan, we must try its most famous dish sushi, Because it is very popular in Japan. And now Pakistanis also eat it with great enthusiasm. There are ingredients that can be used in any meal such as meat, sea fish, vegetables, eggs and soya sauce. Soya sauce, rice, fish are served with many vegetables and fruits. Spicy pickles and soya sauce to which vinegar is added are used to create the best flavour of sushi. And for the garnish of sushi that adds to its flavour, Daikon radish is also used in sushi dish. We have to choose the best fish to make it because this thing causes the flavour of the sushi. To be a bit sharp, but the vinegared rice makes the octopus taste stronger when it is cooked. 

2. Kebab, Turkey

Kebab, Turkey

If we plan to go on a trip to Turkey, we must eat kebabs there. Because Turkish kebabs are widely served throughout Middle and Eastern countries. Fish, vegetables and fruits are usually added to this recipe. When kebabs are made, the additional ingredients that are added include black pepper, garlic and vegetable oil. It is either lamb or mutton meat, in addition to ox meat, fish meat is also used to make kebabs. One of the best recipes in the world is the main recipe that enhances the taste of kebabs. One of the main types that people eat with great enthusiasm is lamb and beef, which is served on a skewer, which is called shish or sis in Turkish, and vegetables are also cooked with the meat. And these vegetables include tomatoes, onions, pumpkin, chopped chilies, from which kebabs are made.

3. Rendang, Indonesia

Rendang, Indonesia

Redang is Indonesia’s most popular dish Indonesians love to eat and they say that you can claim to be the tastiest in the world. These include lemon juice, turmeric, ginger and boiling ox milk, which is carefully added to the meat. Made with spices, The most important ingredients to make this dish are turmeric, lime, lemon and ginger. This is one of the best dishes and most delicious dishes in the world, which people of the world like to eat in Indonesia and enjoy eating it. This dish is also very easy to cook and it is served to guests. It is the best dish in all over the world. And people also enjoy eating it  

4. Ramen, Japan

Ramen, Japan

Ever since you’ve grown up, you’ve probably heard of ramen at some point. Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish that people love to eat. The amount of spices you add to ramen gives it a variety of sour flavours and is eaten in every region of Japan. And both of these dishes include pork and broth and are actually brothy noodle dishes. Ramen is a special dish made with noodle stock and seasonal rumen soup. Because it contains wheat. flour water is made using salt and Kansai, which is water that is cooked with baking soda, and the characteristic of these noodles is the Kansai water, which gives it a mild flavour. There is a broth that comes in different varieties and people add vegetables to it and many people like to drink it with eggs. are

5. Peking duck, China

Peking duck, China

Do you know that here we are talking about a Chinese dish, Actually the meat used in this dish is a duck and this duck is also eaten in China. And this breed of duck is very famous in the American market. And it is popular with Muscovy Publicizing and Mallard does not like the crooked taste of this duck. The taste of this duck is delicate, soft and pleasant. Has strong roots in history. A popular dish in Beijing is the Peking Duck. To make this dish, Specific types of ducks are first fattened and the funny thing is that after 60 days they are raised and killed. It is cooked to eat and baked before roasting in the oven. This dish is served in spring with cucumber, onion and kidney bean chutney. Before serving this dish is divided into 3 parts. The portion of the pilakas is cooked first and the broth is served with a sugar and garlic sauce. and later served with duck broth. It tastes very delicious After eating this dish you will remember your duck. 

6. Paella, Spain

Paella, Spain

Here we will talk about the food of Spain. Their brown rice and other foods have a saffron colour. Some vegetables are also provided, But this dish is made with a special type of chicken and fish. Patella is a Latin language word. The word patella means frying pan, which is derived from the name of a dish first invented in Valencia, Spain. The main ingredients used to cook this dish include green beans, rice, duck or rabbit meat, and snails, Which are seasoned with rosemary and spring season dishes.  with artichokes. Vegetables are also an important part of food. This food is full of flavour and is considered one of the most delicious foods in the world. Because it is cooked with a special olive oil. Everyone agrees that this dish is delicious and popular. Because of the meat, duck, fish, olive oil and saffron colour make it very delicious.

7. Apfelstrudel, Austria

Apfelstrudel, Austria

Apfelstrudel is very popular in Austria and other European countries. It is a commonly eaten fish dish consisting of a sweet and savoury apple filling in an oval pastry. In them, grated ginger, raisins and crushed apples are used to fill it. With vanilla ice cream, the taste of this dish becomes even more intense if you want to make its taste even more pleasant, Then replace the cream. You can replace the custard and add the vanilla sauce in place of the cream. In many cafes, apfelstrudel is a sweet and savoury food that is always available in these cafes and is also served with tea and coffee. Flatbread is used to make it


In this article, it has been mentioned about these 7 dishes that even if Any person goes out, he must eat these 7 dishes. After that, we have told about Turkish Kebab, which people like to eat very much. The dishes mentioned in this article are very popular all over the world and these dishes are eaten a lot in all countries. We discuss step by step 7 dishes that people like to eat all over the world

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