There are 25 funny things that everyone secretly does

Have you ever gone to the store to buy just one thing, but then bought two other things just so no one would think less of you? There are lots of other strange things that people do all the time and can’t explain. We all do them, though. We’ve made a list of the weirdest habits people have so you can see that you’re not the only one.

Turning down the volume to see better

Have you ever been listening to a song and turned into a parking lot and had to turn down the volume to help you find a a? Turning down the volume doesn’t really help your vision, but it makes you feel like it does.

Lowering The Volume So You Can See Better

Listening to music with headphones on and pretending you’re in a music video

You have done this one for sure. When “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton comes on while you are in a car or on public transportation and listening to music, you feel like you are the star of your own music video. “I’m making my way downtown by walking quickly. People pass me by, and I’m on my way home.” You are taken to your own little world where you are the star and music is always playing in the background.

Acting as if you might buy something that is too expensive

When you’re shopping and the price of something really shocks you, but you can’t leave yet because you don’t want to look like you can’t afford it. Even worse is when you know you don’t want to buy something, but a salesperson approaches you while you’re still looking around. “Can I find you anything?” “No, Jessica, these are too expensive.”

Making believe you’re in a music video When you put on your headphones to listen to music,

You have done this one for sure. When “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton comes on while you are in a car or on public transportation and listening to music, you feel like you are the star of your own music video.

Being Extra Nice To Airport Security To Not Be Suspicious

When you go through airport security and feel like they are looking at you suspiciously, so you act extra friendly to the TSA employees. They never thought you were suspicious, but now they might. Now you are being pulled out of line for a full-body inspection because what normal person is extra friendly at three in the morning. 

Leaving the computer to look at your phone

Have you ever been looking at Facebook on your computer and then taken a break to look at Facebook on your phone? Maybe the app will have different things than the website. You think you’re getting away from the internet, but it’s still right there in your hand. So, you can’t really get away from everything unless you turn off your phone and computer.

Not saying the name part of “Happy Birthday” out loud.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear (name not audible), happy birthday to you.” When you go to a birthday party but have only met the person a few times, so you forget their name when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday” to them. Hope that the people around you don’t notice the sudden change in your volume.

Going to the beach with a book but not reading it

If you really think you’ll read the book you put in your beach bag, you’re mistaken. Most likely, you will lay out in the sun, swim, or use your phone. Leave the book at home to make room for snacks, water, and extra sunscreen. These are more important than throwing in a book that will never be read and will get wet and sandy.

Spending too much time in your towel after you shower

When you’re done, you put on your towel and sit down on your bed. Even after an hour, you are still sitting on your towel. Whether you’re playing with your phone or just staring at the ceiling, the time you spend on your towel seems to go by faster than usual.

Measuring distance with songs

When you go to the gym or run outside and use songs to keep track of how far you’ve gone. Even when you are driving, you can use the distance to figure out how far away something is. “How far is it to your job?” “About 5 songs,” she said. Other people don’t get it, but to you it’s clear as day.

Being happy when you get home from work and find an empty hour

It’s not that you don’t love your family or friends, but sometimes it’s nice to have a few minutes to yourself every day. It’s nice to be first in line for snacks or to get to choose what to watch on TV. You might even just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet because you’ve been around people at work all day and want a moment to yourself.

Telling a doctor a lie about how much alcohol you drink

“Yeah, I don’t drink more than one or two beers a month.” You know you’re lying, and so does your doctor, so what’s the point? If you only drink once or twice a month, that seems strange. Be honest with your doctors, and if that doesn’t work, learn to lie better. One drink every week seems more likely than one drink every month.

Accidentally sending the person you’re talking about a screenshot of the messages

Have you ever sent a text message to someone and then taken a picture of it to send to someone else? But instead of sending it to someone else, you send it back to the person you were texting before. You can’t act like you weren’t going to talk about that person behind their back. It’s very awkward, and at that point you should just own up to it.

Having a pile of shirts but only wearing the top five

You probably have gotten into the habit of having a pile of shirts, and you always take the top five or six, wash them, and put them back on top. You keep doing this until you buy some new shirts or the five shirts on top are too worn or ratty to wear anymore.

Acting happy when you get cards that don’t have cash in them

As people get older, they usually want cash for their birthdays and holidays instead of actual gifts. “Show me the money,” as Cuba Gooding Jr. Would say. Then you get a card and open it hoping to find money, but the card is empty and you still have to act grateful. It’s the worst feeling, but you don’t want to come off as spoiled or rude. People also don’t understand what you’re going to do with a card. Yes, it’s sweet and nice, but what do you do after you read it?

Trying to come up with a great response hours after being insulted

Have you ever been made fun of by someone, but you didn’t have a good response at the time? Then, a few hours later, you finally thought of something funny to say. It happens to everyone, and all you can do is hope for a chance to make things right. You could sit there for hours thinking about how good this answer would have been if you had thought of it on the spot. Now you have to think about the fact that you could have said something but didn’t.

Buying fresh fruit and vegetables but not eating them

This is just too true! You go to the store with the intention of making food for the rest of the week, so you buy a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables. Then you get too lazy to cook, and they sit in the fridge until they go bad. Now you’ve wasted money and don’t have any food to cook because by the time you got around to cooking a week later, it had all gone bad. Even though you know you won’t cook them, you still do this every time you go to the store.

Waiting to leave when the person next to you sits down

The most awkward thing is when you’re about to get up and someone sits next to you, making you feel like leaving now would hurt their feelings. Even though you don’t know the person next to you, you feel like it would be rude to leave if you had to. When you were in a similar situation, how long did you sit next to someone?

Writing An Angry Email And Never Sending It

Imagine this: You go to work and have a fight with a coworker. When you get back to your desk, you write a long, angry email. You never send it after you’re done writing it. Even though you may have spent a lot of time writing it, it’s not worth sending. The important thing is that you delete the email. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you send it by accident and then have to deal with the consequences.

When you forget someone’s name and call them “Buddy,”

So you go out with a group of friends, and one of them brings a new person. You could have sworn they said who they were, but you can’t remember their names at all. Because you can’t remember the person’s name, you call them by a nickname for the rest of the night.

Getting distracted by social media when you pull out your phone to do something important

Have you ever opened your phone to check the weather, but 20 minutes later, you were deep in Instagram and couldn’t remember why you opened it in the first place? Now you spend time trying to remember why you were on your phone in the first place, and after a while, you get distracted by something else again.

Practicing talks that won’t happen

Everyone goes through this at some point. You have an entire conversation in your head, but you never have it because you are too afraid to bring it up. It bothers you because the conversation went so well in your head, but you know it probably won’t go as well in real life.

Pretending at the gym to be a professional athlete

When you go to the gym and, as you use the Stairmaster, the Rocky theme song plays in your head. After a few minutes, you’re out of breath, but you still think you’re a pro at the gym. You might be going to the gym for the first time in years, but you still think this is the start of your training montage to get ready for the Olympics.

Listening to people talk and then joining in

We have all listened in on other people’s conversations without their permission. But have you ever been listening to someone talk and then ended up joining in? You’re trying to act like you don’t know what’s going on, but you’ve been listening to the whole conversation for the last few minutes.

Taking a look at other things at the grocery store when someone is in front of what you really want

“This can of olives is very interesting. Let me look at it for a few more minutes until that person moves out of my way, because I don’t actually want olives.” You could ask the person if you could take the thing they are standing in front of, but that would be much harder.

Getting upset when someone says “Bless you”

*Sneezes* “Bless you.” “Thank you…I mean, you’re welcome.” When you feel bad because you said the wrong thing because someone said “bless you” and caught you off guard. You think about that awkward moment for the rest of the day, and you think the other person is also thinking about it. In reality, they probably forgot about it after a few minutes.

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